Dolby Atmos Bridge Issue

I just recieved this email from Vintage Kings who are setting up my system. (below) Has anyone run into this problem. Is there a work around or should I have a Plan B - two templates - One to record from Pro Tools the second to render it to Atmos? Thanks Steve

I just want to give you a quick update on the template, as it seems a bit more involved. Using the dolby audio bridge to communicate from Nuendo to the renderer, disables the Lynx inputs into Nuendo as you can only use one core audio driver at a time in Nuendo. I’m trying to set up an aggregate i/o between the dolby audio bridge and the Lynx driver, so that you can have audio coming in from protools into Nuendo and send it to the renderer through dolby audio bridge. Then from from the renderer back into Nuendo throug the audio bridge, but at the same time sending it out to the Lynx for monitoring purposes. This seems a little unstable, but it might work. I’m hoping to get this done today.

Seems overly complicated…

You’re going to use two DAWs, one Nuendo to playback into the Dolby Atmos renderer? And the other is the Pro Tools Dolby Renderer?

Not sure why you would need t this complex.

I have been working for over a year using my Eventide digital processors and my 10 year old Pro Tools HD/TCM developing an algorithm to up-mix 2-channel stereo and 5.1 films to 9.1.4.

Rather then replace all my converters and software and still be able to utilize all the latest plug-ins I made the decision to upgrade to a fully loaded Mac and Nuendo 12.

My concept is to use what I am getting on pro tools and use it for a source on N12. There is no renderer made for 10 year old pro tools…

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