Dolby Atmos realtime rerender request

It would be very convenient indeed to have an additional implementation of the dolby atmos plugin that includes realtime rerender in stereo and 5.1 .this would allow real-time monitoring of format compatibility .
Currently to be able to achieve this you have to resort to the Dolby renderer, but that does not seem to work on Apple silicon, or external plugin like Nugen Halo .


It already supports rerender to stereo and 5.1….is it something specific that you are asking.

Someone posted this in another thread, not sure if this is similar to what you are looking for?

Unless this is different from the DAR live re-renders (which is very useful), and pro tools available 5.1 loudness / Binaural Headphone input.

Hey Rajiv ! I mean re-render…RealTime down mix as Dolby renderer does now in pt as well

See this

@ 2 .46 minute

BTW Rajiv many thnx for your reply:) :grinning:

Hi…that is an interesting video…
The workflows are different as the architecture of PT and Nuendo is different. But you can pretty much do everything that PT does as shown in the above video….close to everything, Including setting up downmixes for multi monitoring/loudness metering as well as exporting the downmix to stereo or 5.1 as well as binaural . (Discussed here: PCM Bounce (like Logicpro) )

We did some quick and concise videos declutterring and demystifying some of the possible workflows including some interesting tricks such as Upmixing stereo to atmos using Nuendo’s native tools. If you have a particular workflow that you have in mind we will try to do it for you as time permits.

Hey Rajiv, I had posted your video above about this, which is very useful. (sorry for forgetting where it came from!)

I wonder if a 5.1 downmix would be the same as the DAR 5.1 loudness measurement , as well as the 5.1 loudness input provided in pro tools. When discussing with Dolby in the past, they had mentioned some type of new all-pass filter implemented in the new 5.0 DAR that is similar to what is provided in pro tools, and different from version 3.0 of the DAR (readings are different between both versions of the renderer). I can only assume that this is what @disctodisc is looking for in Nuendo.

Hi Its interesting what you say about the difference between the two renderers…was not aware of it.
personaly I did not see or notice any difference though I am on 12.

Yes I had a project where I was using an earlier version of the Dolby Atmos Renderer (v3), and the True Peaks were flagged because v5 of the Dolby Atmos Renderer was used for analysis, showing about a 1db discrepancy between the two versions when it comes to True Peak analysis, and re-renders, using the same ADM file. This is how I found out the difference from Dolby between the two versions of the renderers, and confirmed that Pro Tools uses the same analysis as v5 of the Dolby Atmos Renderer. This was very frustrating when trying to hit specs.

I’m wondering what type of measurement Nuendo’s renderer uses in regards to this difference, and was also wondering about re-renders analysis myself, as I’ve only worked extensively with Atmos in Pro Tools thus far.

Hey Exeter and Rajiv

thank you very much for initiating this discussion with me.

Exeter you are right with my findings.

I’ll confirm that I also experience a value in the loudness measurements of about a db and the problem becomes more acute on true peaks.

I was referring exactly to what you were saying to Rajiv…the downmix algorithm that dolby’s renderer uses and since a few months also pT’s one is the gold standard for measurements related to delivery on Apple music…for example…But most importantly…which is the thing that interests me the most. …the downmix from Atmos to 5.1 to Stereo on Nuendo is not very compatible with the HE specifications for cinema…streaming platforms like Amazon or ntflx detect, in some cases, inconsistencies not only for loudness, but also for the balances of the various elements .
At the moment for TV series I have to export ADM from Nuendo and do the downmix from dolby renderer, so as not to run into QC problems.

That’s the problem …unfortunately…unnecessary hours that I can’t bill to the client