Dolce e molto espressivo from my string quartet no. 12

as there has been a sudden rash of folk linking to their Dorico compositions under the new “made-with-Dorico” tag, I thought I’d take the liberty in getting in on the act. The original draft of the work in question I already linked to a while back as an illustration of the NotePerformer playback engine in action but as it’s probably my favourite piece of the year, I thought I’d give it it own thread.

It concludes my most recent string quartet but for those unused to my recent style is probably more easily assimilated being less chromatic and (hopefully) depressive than the rest of the quartet. It uses Cinematic Studio solo strings running under NPPE throughout.


Sitting listening to it now David, imagining I’m at the Wigmore Hall for its premiere. Really captivating, with so many inter-leaving parts threading together a wonderful sonic tapestry. Wish I could write like that! Well done.

very kind of you, Rob! In fact I do sometimes use the Wigmore Hall reverb from Altiverb for my chamber works and when I lived in London went to quite a few concerts there.

Very pleasantly surprised by both the composition and the sound, had no problem listening to the whole piece… congrats !

If anything, maybe a tad more clarity in the sound would have enhanced my appreciation.

glad you enjoyed, thanks for listening! I’m afraid clarity is not one of the strengths of Cinematic Studio solo strings - I chose them here for their warmth and expressiveness. For the rest of the quartet, I actually used a different library but for this movement, they work the best of what I’ve currently got for what I was trying to achieve.

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I’ve just enjoyed listening to this piece of music in the train. Congrats, it’s a very nice piece of art indeed. And I’m quite amazed at the life that you could bring into it, with such detailed articulations. :clap::clap::clap:

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I’m presuming the title of the movement should be rather “Dolce e molto espressivo”? (rather than “a”)

so “sweet and very expressive”, rather than "“sweet TO very expressive”?

now why did no-one else spot that! My Italian was always lousy – was probably thinking of Slavonic languages…

only three claps, Marc? Seriously, glad you liked it!

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Loved the interlacing of voices and the subtle texture changes with tremolos.
Very impressive.

Very nice. Beautiful piece and thanks for sharing.

thanks to all who have listened so far and I’m glad some have managed to get something out of the piece.

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