Dongle backup, ZDT etc

Hello, @AntonVorozhtsov ,

My heart goes out to you, and others in your similar position.

In terms of saving your music in case of an emergency evacuation, if you have not done so may i suggest please that every single time you are finished with a session you immediately store it in the cloud? That way you are not dependent on grabbing any hardware at all if you have to leave immediately.

Some people have that storage to the cloud process automated so it’s guaranteed to happen.

God bless, and I hope your music can tell your story for others to hear.


I do cloud backups regularly, but it’s not only my music, I do mixing, mastering and other related things for living, so I extremely need my setup to be compact and mobile in case I need to evacuate somewhere just to keep my income
My laptop is always in travel bag when I don’t use it and I try to put there my e-licenser every time, but it’s not quiet safe. I can pick up new charger or a pair of headphones literally anytime and everywhere , but if I loose my e-licenser, I couldn’t back to work quickly

Got it, understood.

If you are not aware of Steinberg’s ZDT (Zero Down Time) policy, it may possibly be of use despite the situation there.

Also - Steinberg has been known to (without being obliged to) transfer their license for C11 to a new dongle in a situation where the original dongle is lost, unavailable.

Buying a second dongle now and storing in your “Leave now” bag may be helpful?

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To be honest, fully working C12 would be helpful :slight_smile:
But second dongle looks like an option, thank you!

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