Don't like the Cubase 13 GUI? Steinberg is doing a survey

If you don’t like the new GUI, which I think it’s most of us, please check your email and if you don’t see a message from Steinberg, check your junk mail folder. I got an email today about a Cubase 13 Feedback Survey, asking basic stuff and then giving you the chance to tell them what you like and don’t like about Cubase 13.

This is an excellent chance to do something productive with the GUI problem so please make sure you complete it. It only takes a few minutes.


Thanks for the heads up .
Feedback completed … lets see how much they really care aaahhhhhh

Well, if they care to send an email asking for feedback, I have to hope that they are really looking for feedback and will implement at least some of it.

Of course they are. Sheesh, people make them out to be a Mr Burns or something.

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The only thing I can suggest to Steinberg is:

If you are doing significant changes to the GUI (or other aspects of the program that has to do with workflow), that is fine, but have the option to back to the previous look and feel of previous versions of Cubase.

People spend years working on the software, they get used to it and they don’t like having the rug pulled under them, being forced to change their habits drastically. I am specifically implying the Cubase 13 menus.

IMO, older versions of Cubase have much better look and feel to them. Cubase 7 (and 7,5) even lets you have dark menus and use high contrast Windows theme. You took that away from version 8+ and that is pretty bad. This is why I am not upgrading to new Cubase. Forcing us to use white menus? No thanks…

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I had a meltdown a few years ago when they destroyed the F2 Transport Panel, but you know what? I got over it.


This is not the survey, and we already have similar threads going.

Watch for the survey in your email, which will be rolled out gradually, as in previous surveys…