Dorcio 4

Hi to Dorico,

I’m going to make the jump to Dorico 3, hoping that the next version will mean .xml file export from sibelius ultimate will include the ability to have the technique text from sibelius xml files being converted to tech text in Dorico. Will this be fixed in the next paid update to Dorico 4?

Also, could it be possible to tell us what functionalities will be included in Dorico 4 or are planned to be in D4?

As I subscribe the the Sibelius Ultimate, the video export of the score is great. Will this be included in Dorico 4, or in some other version down the road?

thanks if someone from Dorico is possibly able to share any info along these lines.

best wishes,


The Development Team do not deal in vaporware; they announce no features until they know they can meet the release date of the next version at the quality they expect.

XML compatibility depends not only on the receiving program but also on the markup of the program that exports the XML. Although XML is a standard, not all programs follow it strictly, something we all hope will improve.

Everything prior to its official public release is confidential in Steinberg to the public.

We avoid sharing concrete plans far in advance, even to the level that we have not stated that the next release will be Dorico 4, though some of our users are assuming this will be the case. What I can say is that we have no plans to add a feature for exporting video files in the near future.

Hi Daniel, Derrick and ShikiSuen,

thank you all kindly for your replies.



Other Steinberg products always have a .5 version inbetween a new number. The updates to .5 versions are cheaper. Perhaps one day Dorico will join into this cycle as well. But as long as there are so many new features in every new version, a new number is definitly appropriate.

Actually, Nuendo also bucks the .5 version trend. But I wouldn’t try to read too much into any of this. There will be a new paid version of Dorico later this year, and when it arrives you will all have the option of deciding whether or not to pay the money we are asking for it.

I guess one thing we could reasonably bet on is that whatever the version number, it won’t be called “Dorcio” :slight_smile:

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You never know, it might stick!

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With a nod to Valerio, how about Dorico IV ?

(III・V might be pushing it a bit)

Dorico “San Andreas” and Dorico “Vice City” will probably arrive before Dorico 4

I would much prefer the Windows numbering system. Much more logical.

Dorico 3.1 would of course be followed by Dorico 95, then Dorico XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. It’s just basic math.


For me, splitting the product into Dorico 3.1, 3.1 XR, 3.1 Pro and 3.1 Pro Max seems much more intuitive. I don’t know why we’re arguing about this.

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Dan, you forgot 2000 and Me :wink:

you forgot Dorico 98

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No, no, no. You should rename Dorico LE as “Dorico”. Then call Dorico SE “Dorico First”. and Dorico “Dorico Ultimate”.

It worked (maybe) for another company :wink:

Does that mean that the next Dorico will be a Perfect Fourth, and that any upgrades before then will be only minor Thirds?

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Well, the other company ran out of Symphonies…

To be fair, the other company started at 7 :wink:

Probably it would be more logical to name the next versions “Frigio, Lidio…” :slight_smile: