Dorico 2 doesn't respond at launch

Hi !

Dorico Pro 2 user here, I’m just experiencing some troubles with my Dorico software.

Dorico is launching fine but as soon as I hit the main window, after creating a new project, freezes.

I already reinstalled many times, deleted all Dorico related folders, etc.

What I can say is when I uninstalled completly the 2 playbacks (Halion Sonic 3 and Orchestra ) Dorico worked well.

I already read plenty of topics on this forum but it seems they can’t fix my problem…

Is there someone with the same issues ? Can a technician help me ?

Thanks !

What operating system are you using?


Sorry forgot to give it : Win10 and OSversion 17134.191

After starting Dorico, can you try doing Help > Create Diagnostic Report, and then attach the resulting zip file, which will be saved on your desktop, to a reply here in the forum?

Have to do the diagnostic on Steinberg Hub because Dorico still freezing and can’t do anything once I start a project
Dorico (1.23 MB)

I can see from some of those previous logs that it appears Dorico or the Audio engine may be crashing when loading the choir samples. I’m not aware of any known issues with these sounds. Do you have the problem if you load a different score with other instruments? One possibility could be that this is an issue with your specific CPU. Can you have a look in the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Crashdumps folder to see if there are any files for Dorico2 or VSTAudioEngine2? These may give us more information. See also the section on crashlogs in:

Thanks for the quick reply !

Tried to launch a string quartet, still bugged.

Had to do a Google drive because the file is too large for the forum but here are my only 2 bugs (one is my glorious attempt to launch a string quartet):

Could you please double check that there are no crash dumps for VSTAudioEngine2?

Also, could please try the following? Go to Edit > Preferences and scroll all the way down to the Play section. There is the option “open VST plug-in windows when opening projects”. If you untick that and then load a project, what does happen?

I just checked another crashdumps folder and found these logs :

(3 more to come on the post below)

Also tried to uncheck “open VST plu-in windows when opening projects”, but project still freezing after opening a SATB template, same with 2-3 other templates

The three others :

Seems to happen since june but never take care because writing on my mac for months, just came back to work on my pc a week ago !

Thanks for the data. Now, that is a bit strange: The dumps from June look same to the problem that few other people have, i.e. HALion Sonic SE is crashing the audio engine when opening the HALion editor window. But from July you have only one dump file, and the callstack from the July dump looks completely different to the others.

As you just said yourself, you tried with several templates and each time Dorico was freezing, so I would expect dump files for each of those attempts.

Since the TaskManager in Win10 does not reliably show all running processes, I would like you to get the developer tool Process Explorer (free download at, then run Dorico to the point where it freezes, start Process Explorer and then with Ctrl + F, search for a process called VSTAudioEngine2.exe. Please be patient, it might take a few seconds. But that would prove if the audio engine is still running or not.

Thank you very much for your collaboration.

Just checked with Process Explorer

It seems running properly at launch, but during my manipulation to upload the image file Dorico shut down himself

Here is Process Explorer after this tragic death :

VST Audio Engine 2 is still running

Many thanks again. Excellent job. So that clarifies things a bit. If the audio engine is still running and only Dorico going down, that means we have several issues here.

  1. As I said, in regards to the audio engine dumps from June and the crash in HALion Sonic, we are already on that case, but it is difficult to solve.
  2. The one audio engine dump from yesterday. Well, that does give not any clue of where it crashed. Could be an aftereffect of Dorico going down.
  3. Dorico itself going down. At this the London team needs to have a look.

So I’m waiting for the London team at my office with coffee and some biscuits ! :smiley:

I’ll wait for any update on this topic, many thanks Ulf and Daniel !

Might take a little time as we head into the holiday season, but we’ll stay on the case. Hope you can continue working on your Mac.

Work on my mac I’ll continue my job on my laptop !

Just subscribed topic so I’ll wait !


Long time since last post. My Dorico still doesn’t work.

Just updated to Dorico 2.1, projects are now launching but when I want to change an instrument still crash.
Tried on demo musics : I can change instruments on Coldplay but inevitable crashs occurs when I do the same with Rameau !

Now it’s a long time I can’t use it on my main stuff, i’m a bit disappointed
VSTAudioEngine22.1.0.297 64bit 2018.8.25 14.33.dmp (494 KB)
VSTAudioEngine22.1.0.297 64bit 2018.8.25 14.34.dmp (519 KB)

Please email your .dmp files to Ulf directly at u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de and he will do what he can to help.

Not necessary, on Monday I’ll grab them from here and have a look. Promised.

I have a similar problem after updating to Dorico 2.1 Pro from Dorico 2 Pro. When I open a project that I created in Dorico 2, it is automatically converted to Dorico 2.1. When I try to play it back, many problems occur with dynamics being incorrect, instruments not playing at all and crashes occurring when I open the VST Engine and try to change or reload an instrument, especially the clarinet combi. See the attached crash dump and screen shot.

If I create a new piece in Dorico 2.1, these problems do not occur.