Dorico 3.1 update imminent

A bunch of new Dorico videos went up on their YouTube channel, some of them named “New Features in Dorico 3.1”
An announcement will probably follow soon, I think.

- NEW: Bracketed Noteheads
- NEW: Horizontal and Vertical Lines
- Play Mode Improvements
- Condensing Improvements
- Chord Symbols and Diagram Improvements
- Notation and Workflow Improvements

NEW: Bracketed Noteheads!!!

I could kiss you for square brackets on accidentals.

I guessed we could expect Lines after the Performance Technique continuations were introduced. That’s going to be so useful.

And Exporting Master pages!!!

wow wow wow
there goes my productivity today

Kudos, once again, to the entire development team on what you accomplished in the last couple of months!

So many things I desperately need! Great job Dorico team!

This is super exciting! These look like extremely powerful features for a minor release. I admire the team’s ability to tackle a huge backlog of features and bug fixes, and still deliver so much with each update. Thank you!

“Wo totally support free movement of master pages” :smiley:

Is there an option to attach lines to text (as in “Big Drum Fill ---------------------”)?

If you want text with a line after it, use playing techniques. The new lines feature in Dorico 3.1 allows you to add text in the middle of a line, but not at the start.

Really G R E A T !!!

T HA N K Y O U T E A M !!!

Downloading now!

So by hiding the (barline attached) line, you can now correctly (optically) center ‘G.P.’ in each part :smiley:

Beautiful new features, by the way!

Wow! And a FREE VERSION. OMG. I know three people who will download that in the next few hours.

Congrats on a great update.

I am deeply impressed with this update. Once again you have done a great job and I want to say thank you to the whole team for this great software.

Thank you, dev team! Simply amazing progress.

Thanks for a great, free update. So much appreciate that when the team does something, they put in the work to design it right, and design it for future improvements.

Oh hey!! Just getting home to this. I have a feeling I’ll be especially chuffed with this one.

I like how Anthony Hughes is getting progressively more informal in each tutorial video. I keep waiting for him to open with “WHAT UP FAM.”

Just downloaded and installed. Love the improvements to the Play mode.

Read the release history PDF too. So much that the Dorico team have achieved in such a short space of time! Well done and thank you.