Dorico 3.5 on second machine

Congrats on the new release! I just purchased Dorico 3.5 upgrade and installed and activated successfully on laptop. On desktop, when I try to enter
the activation code and choose “Upgrade License” I get:

The activation code has been used already. An activation code can be used only once to download or upgrade a license.
Please contact your software vendor to get a valid activation code.

If I try to register or reactivate on the web site I get:
The eLicenser assigned to this Activation Code is deprecated.

I thought I’d try support chat, but the Request Chat form has a required Product drop down that doesn’t contain Dorico…

Your activation should be on your USB eLicenser. It should activate Dorico on whichever machine you have it plugged into. If you are using soft elicensing on two computers, you would presumably have to upgrade (and pay for) each machine’s upgrade separately.

I’m using soft elicensing and had Dorico 3 activated on both machines.

I guess you must have used the ‘Reactivation’ feature at MySteinberg at some point in order to activate on your second computer. You can try that with your Dorico 3.5 update activation code, but I don’t know whether you’ll be successful.

Darn. Sounds like I need to purchase a dongle. I was not aware of this restriction.

You can move your license to a USB dongle. But remember: this is a one way route! You can’t move a license from a USB dongle to a soft elicenser. Be aware of that.

I’m in the same position - have been happily using 3.1 on two machines (and previous versions back to 2.0) - mainly my desktop, but also activated on my laptop for work on the go.

Having purchased the 3.5 update I happened to download it & activate on my laptop first as that’s the machine I was using at the time. But am getting the ‘deprecated’ elicenser message on the desktop, which is actually my main work/Dorico machine, and the Reactivation route doesn’t work. Also, my 3.0 license has stopped working so I’m now locked out of any version of Dorico on my main machine.

I’ve filed a support ticket about this yesterday, but no reply yet.

Can someone official clarify for me whether my license authorises me to have the software on two machines?

You can bind your license to one computer, via the Soft eLicenser, or you can put your license on the eLicenser USB dongle. The dongle allows you to use Dorico on as many computers as you like, but not simultaneously. I’m not someone official, but this page on the Steinberg website makes this pretty clear.

Hi, thanks so much for your reply & that link - hadn’t seen that before, it’s not obviously linked within MySteinberg.

So, (and this is obviously not aimed at you pianoleo, and at the risk of joining the grump-squad…) having just spend £50 on an unexpected upgrade (while on 0 income) I apparently now have to spend another £19 on an unwanted piece of hardware just to do what I’ve been doing quite happily for the last two years… Not particularly pleased with that!

If you happened to be using Dorico in two machines with one license with a Soft-eLicenser, however you did to end up with that setup, you were using the software beyond what the license legally allows. It’s convenient, and I agree that the dongles feel more like a punishment to the loyal consumer. However, for the time being (and we know it’s going to change in due course), that’s how it is.

If I were you, I would hold fire on buying a USB-eLicenser and wait to hear back from support. You should be in the situation where you can run Dorico 3.5 on your laptop and Dorico 3.1 on your desktop, since having reactivated on your laptop, that doesn’t deactivate the license on your old computer, but only one Soft-eLicenser can be the current one and the one that MySteinberg expects you to be updating. If you need a time-limited license to run Dorico 3.5 on your desktop, then please send me a private message and I’ll send you one.

Please do note that although you can use the ‘Reactivation’ workflow to move your valid Soft-eLicenser from one computer to another, and that this does not deactivate or remove the licenses from your old computer, with the current licensing scheme, only one Soft-eLicenser is considered to contain your current license, and the update activation code you have purchased is a single-user activation code that will only update a single installed Dorico 3 license.

I’m no fan of this licensing system, as my dozens of posts on the topic over the years have made clear, but unfortunately this is the system we have at the moment. Work is underway on a new licensing system, and hopefully we will be able to move to that in a future version, which will eliminate these difficulties and make it both officially supported and trivially easy to run a single license on two computers.

Hi Daniel, thanks for jumping in,

I’ll wait & hear from support indeed, and the offer of a limited license to tide me over is very much appreciated, as is your candour on the subject of the licensing system.

The reactivation workflow doesn’t seem to be working for me (presuming I’m trying the right thing), as the MySteinberg page tells me "This eLicenser is deprecated’ with regards to my desktop eLicenser. Trying another reinstall just now. I can’t fully move the eLicenser between machines as the laptop has my copy of Cubase on it.

I’ll PM you if required indeed, thanks again.

I have a similar problem, but slightly different:

  1. I upgraded successfully on my MBP2018.
  2. On MBP2014, on which I installed Dorico 3 Pro and SE when the MBP2018 was out of order, I could not reactivate Dorico 3.5 because the eLicenser is deprecated.
  3. Regarding No. 2, I contacted <> on 31 May, but I received no response. Yesterday, I contacted Yamaha. I still received no response.
  4. While doing No. 3, I realised that there is no Dorico 3.5 licence in “My Products” on the Steinberg website. I only see “DAC Dorico SE” license.

What could I do?

I have a similar issue,
I upgraded to dorico 3.5 and I try to move it now to another computer I have. I don’t see any listing of my 3.5 version on my Steinberg account, so when I tried to reactivate the software, I got an activation code for 3.1 Dorico version. Since I paied for the upgrade of 3.5 I would expect to be only normal to be able to reactivate that product any times I want to move it from one computer to another, right?

Your 3.5 license won’t automatically appear in your Steinberg account, given your Steinberg account is separate to your Steinberg Store account.
Log into your Steinberg account, click the red Register eLicenser/Software button, then type in your 3.5 activation code. You’ll then be able to use the Reactivate button to transfer your license to another computer (though you shouldn’t use this frequently, instead of the USB eLicenser, or you may find yourself locked out)

I have tried to register the license for Dorico 3.5 Pro (the activation code which I received after purchasing 3.5 Pro) to “My Products” on the Steinberg website, but it fails with the following error message:

The eLicenser assigned to this Activation Code is deprecated.

It is strange.

I assume you’ve searched in the Steinberg support pages for help with this error? I’ve no personal experience with this error, but you might try this article.

Thanks, Daniel, but I had already read the article. It did not work for me regretfully. Today, I received an email from the Steinberg support team. My problem seems to be being reviewed. Thanks!

I can not find the option to register the 3.5 version in my products. I have only the option to reactivate license, which I did, but only worked for Dorico 3