Dorico 3 not playing dynamics (organ) and fermatas

My Dorico 3 is not playing dynamics for the organ nor reading the fermatas.
What should I do?
Test dynamics dorico 3.dorico (672.1 KB)

For the second question about fermatas, the answer is that they don’t affect playback.

For a recent discussion about how to simulate the effect manually, see this thread:

@Coe the organ doesn’t have dynamics in the traditional sense. I’m not sure that halion tries to imitate swell boxes, and certainly large swaths of the organ would never change dynamic; the dynamic would be determined by the stops active on the instrument at any given time. Consequently, I’m not surprised to hear that the dynamic is static for you. For more dynamic organ rendering you’d want to use a dedicated organ library or note performer which allows you to assign various stops on/off.

@Romanos401 I know that the organ doesn’t have dynamics, but the dynamic indications give the organist a hint of what stops to use. Anyhow, for a simple mockup, it would be very useful that the organ plays in softer and stronger dynamics so we can better hear the other voices.

I’m really not sure how a static organ sound should vamp up and down dynamically when real organs don’t do that. It’s like asking a bagpipe to play loud and soft.

Perhaps keyswitching to a different softer organ patch (custom playing techniques that trigger a key switch or patch change) might be the better option? (Ie- the equivalent of changing to softer stops)

I agree that generic dynamics are useful to organists and I put them in my scores, but apart from keyswitching actual stop changes or using a sample library that had a swell box feature, I just don’t think it fair to expect a static organ sound to change dynamics when that is contrary to the way the real instrument works (although I’m sympathetic to your desire for a quick mock-up).


Maybe for further versions of Dorico they could do a keyswitch for the organ triggered by the dynamics?
But anyways, some organs have the volume pedal, on those organs you can do crescendo and decrescendo without having to manually change the stops.

All that said, can I edit the volume of each part on Play mode manually?

Using a crescendo pedal adds and removes stops in rapid succession. And as I’ve said above, I do not believe the basic halion organ sounds include any type of swell box simulation which is different. I suppose the only “organ” that would make sense to function as you propose would perhaps be a Hammond simulation which involves genuine volume control via the swell pedal.

Whereas in this case @Coe specifies a church/concert organ, other types of organ, such as those used in pop and theater music, might well have a volume pedal and expect volume control in those VST’s; and as you say, church organs have Swell boxes which are frequently coupled to the Great manual.