Dorico 3 Pro and guitar tab grace note size.

I am on the cusp of moving to Dorico from Finale after 20 years. The only thing that is really stopping me is whether I am able to have control of the font size on the guitar tab stave independently of the notation stave. I do not want my grace notes to be reduced to 60% of their original size. Feedback from teaching and lecturing for over 20 years has been emphatic that the reduced size of grace note numbers renders them virtually illegible. I have full independent control in Finale. If there isn’t a global control, is there a workaround? Thanks.

Edit: apologies, I missed the fact that you were asking for grace note size independent from the regularly-notated staves. SeeWhat is right that it’s not possible.


unfortunately there is no way (yet) to set a different font size for grace notes in tab they are linked

Very disappointing. The default grace notes on tab staves are illegible to anybody with less than 20/20 vision

Guitar tab has been available for what, three weeks? Give it a chance. Development pace is fast, and there will doubtless be updates to tab functionality in the near future.

I agree with Dan I fully trust the adjustments to be done.
But it is important to describe and tell what we, as pro guitar players, transcribers and teachers need in details

I appreciate that Dorico 3 with tab has only just been released and subsequent revisions might address this but it seems an oversight not to have allowed independent control over tab note size. Is there any way of individually resizing the grace notes on the tab stave to their original size after the event? I can’t explore this myself until the demo version is made available.

You can’t, I’m afraid, because the ‘Custom scale’ property is not variable between staff notation and tablature.

However, I spent some time adding the necessary new option last night, so we can say with certainty that a future update will definitely include an option to change the scale factor for grace notes independently between staff notation and tablature.

That’s what I call Grade A service!

Ditto - what fantastic support!

Merci beaucoup Daniel

That’s great news Daniel. This is the reason I’m changing from Finale! They abandoned doing anything for guitarists years ago. You can’t even add a X ghost note to tab staves without going through an incredibly long winded approach on a note by note basis! Very impressed by your commitment and involvement with end users. Thank you.