Dorico 3 Pro don't Work - Failed to send GetInfo command

Dorico doesn’t work in a right way, I got the error message: Failed to send GetInfo command from the eLicenser. I clicked more times ‘OK’ after that Dorico runs or not (hanging). When it runs, it don’t run in a right way, sometimes the keyboard doesn’t work.I’m not able to work at the moment. Please give me some advice.

My System: macOS Catalina (maybe it was a fault), Core i7, 16GB Ram, MacBook Pro from 2014, Retina 15"
Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-17 um 18.17.14.png
Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-17 um 18.01.50.png

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this problem, Jerry. I assume you’re using the USB-eLicenser? If so, please try a different USB port if possible.

I did it, but the same problem. After that happend, the eLicenser want to do a maintenance every time. The behavior of Dorico is different, sometimes the keyboard work, sometimes not. The Slurs (command T) does not work every time.

I forgot … I use Catalina (with update) and I use Dorico 3.0.10 … sorry

Where can I upload the crash report?

On my machine “T” enters a tie and “S” begins a slur.

Same here,
Capture d’écran 2019-10-11 à 21.43.35.png
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Same configuration as OP. (Catalina, Dorico 3.10)
But I had the same problem with Mojave.

My Dorico 2 works perfectly though. Strange.


Jerry, you can upload the crash report here. Do Help > Create DIagnostic Report, which will create a zip file on your desktop called Dorico, and you can then upload that here.


Here’s mine too in case that helps:
Dorico (401 KB)
and my crash reports too. (310 KB)
Just FYI I started D3 today without any problem. Did not do anything since last time I started it.


Erwann, your crash looks to be one on exit, which I don’t think I have seen before.

Thanks for the feedback Daniel,

I don’t really know what to make out of this as Dorico 3 seems to behave normally now for the past two days…

Oh well, it must be the weather I guess.

Could this be related to a E-licencer Server issue?

No, there’s no networking call made when you have an activated eLicenser: you only need to connect to the licensing server at the point at which the license is first activated.

I marked two notes and then I’m using the command ‘T’ on the keyboard … and that happened … take a look to attachment …

Jerry (131 KB)

You can’t tie two notes that aren’t the same pitch! Use S for slur.

… sorry … at the moment I’m little bit confusing … you are right … but I have to work with Dorico … Jerry

Sorry Jerry, I’m still not understanding what you want. Can you clarify?

I have trouble with the licenser, sometime Dorico doesn’t work, sometimes the keyboard doesn’t work, sometimes Dorico crashed. That’s my Problem. I made screenshot from the licenser (you can see it in the first messages).


I think, Jerry, the confusion is that we’re not sure what this has to do with slurs and ties in your message earlier today…

I apologize for that, dorico don’t work in the right way … the confusing of ‘T’ and ‘S’ is blamed to me. Sorry.


I don’t have the engrave button. Is it my fault or is this blame to licenser trouble?

That’s eLicenser trouble: try quitting and restarting Dorico and hopefully Engrave mode will reappear.