Dorico 3 quits

Thanks Daniel and I really appreciate the fantastic support that this forum provides!

Ok I have installed the update to 3.1 and things were looking good but then I started to experience some weird sound issues like aliasing or mismatched sample rates I checked everything and re-installed my sound card drivers but it is still there. The work around is to re-boot the sound card. Ok, I can live with that but the crashes have returned and that I can’t live with them!
Here is a link to the latest diagnostic report.
Just for clarity the crashes started with the upgrade to Dorico 3.0.
It might be be my system in conflict with the update but I can’t solve this. I was hoping the 3.1 upgrade would rectify this but it appears not to have done so.
Help please! :slight_smile:

Cheers, Tom

The diagnostics report contains 1 crash dump of the audio engine and it shows a pattern that we have seen in the past before. We believe it has to do with an issue in the copy protection software and it should be fixed in the most recent version of the eLicenser software. From the diagnostics report I can’t see what version of the eLicenser you are running, could you please check? Or you could go to and grab from there the latest and install it. Thanks

Hi Ulf,
I have attached a pic of my eLicenser software version.
cHEERS, tOM :slight_smile:
elicenser 2.png

Thanks, Tom. So you have the latest version and that now starts worrying me, because we thought that problem should have been gone with it and now it pops up again. I need to discuss further with my colleagues…

Even after discussion we are still not any further. Though at very first look it appeared to be that other known issue, but at a closer look it turned out not to be. However this conclusion also does not bring us much further, since it is still completely unclear where the crash came from. Could be because of memory corruption, but can’t really say.
Tom, do you remember, did you do anything in particular when it crashed or any other hint that could bring us further? Is it maybe even reproducible on your machine? Our principal engineer says he needs more crash dumps to see if it happens always at the same place.
Sure, these crashes are extremely annoying for you, but it’s also not easy for us to just fix them in a breeze, so we need pretty much your help. Thank you

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! There must be other users experiencing the same issue?

I’m almost certain, but no one else has come forward so far. But also in the past we had issues that happened only on very few machines. For weeks I was only dealing with one person and then every now and then some other one came with the same issue, while at the same time thousands of other installations were running just fine. In the end we always tackled the issues, but it is a very long and arduous process, so please bear with us.

Thanks Ulf,
OK Dorico deidn’t crash this time but became very slow and froze each time I tried to save or edit. I generated a Diagnostic Report just in case. Not sure if Dorico needs to crash for there to be anything of value but this is new behavior.

OK Dorico just crashed again and I can tell you exactly what I was doing!
I was in write mode and I was trying to use the mouse on the scroll bar to get back to an earlier part of the score. I think that has happened previously as this is a common scenario when I am working.
Diagnostic Report linked.

Interesting, the diagnostics contains a crash of the audio engine. I will take a closer look…

Hi Tom,
very interesting, the audio engine crash is not exactly same to before but shows the identical pattern. However, I can not imagine in any way that this crash has anything to do with you scrolling with the mouse in the score. Also, since you don’t interact with the audio engine at that time, what exactly was happening then in Dorico. Because there is no Dorico crash dump, I assume that Dorico continued running but was unresponsive and not reacting, rather than really going away. Is my assumption correct?

Then earlier you reported that Dorico is slow while saving the project. Paul from London also had a look at the logs and he is also not sure what to suggest. Do you have the slow project saving on any project or just with particular ones? When Dorico becomes slow, we’d like you to run Process Monitor (free download at and at the moment it appears frozen, switch to it and see if there are any high CPU processes. Process Monitor could show if there are suddenly lots of disk accesses.
Also, another thing to try is to runit as Administrator (from the File menu you can choose ‘Show Details for All Processes’). This gives you extra information. The interesting thing then is to run for a while but then check all the status graphs. If there’s a process starting periodically then one should see some regular peaks in one of the graphs. It could be in the I/O section rather than CPU.

Need to be quite a bit tech savvy, sorry if it is overwhelming for you, but any more details is greatly appreciated.
And please continue posting diagnostics reports if you get crashes again.

Thanks for you patience

Hi Ulf,

Thanks for helping me try to figure this out.
I will download Process Monitor and see what I can capture for you! I am tech savvy but haven’t done this before so I may need further guidance.
I have experienced an intermittent audio issue for some time and perhaps this current issue is related to that and it may be my system. Still the quitting began with Dorico 3.0. I will get back to you when I have some more details.
Cheers, Tom

Hi Ulf,
To answer your questions:

Because there is no Dorico crash dump, I assume that Dorico continued running but was unresponsive and not reacting, rather than really going away. Is my assumption correct?

Basically I got the spinning wheel of death and the screen shaded over. I went to other open windows and they looked fine until I clicked on them and the same thing happened.

Do you have the slow project saving on any project or just with particular ones?

That was happening on a random project that I was editing. So I can’t be sure that it was project specific. If it happens again I will take note of it.

I have PM installed now but I am still uncertain of what to look for I will run as admin and see…
Cheers, Tom

Hi Ulf,
OK PM is above my rank as far as computers go so I need some direction! I am sure that I can collect the data if you can advise what to do?
Cheers, Tom

Okay, when you start PM and set the standard filter (reset it) then it will log all events, registry access, file system activity, network and process activity. At the top of the window are some shortcut icons, the rightmost ones are for general filters and appear light blue if active. So PM is constantly logging any of those event with a timestamp. There is really heaps of stuff happening all the time, so you need to scroll down constantly or choose Edit > AutoScroll.
It will be probably pretty difficult to find, but we are looking for unusual activity that is going on when Dorico is saving the project (and it is slow). So if it is slow, start e.g. with just the file system activity, is there maybe some other process than Dorio/audio engine accessing excessively the disk? If not there, check other filters, e.g. process activity.
I know, pretty difficult, but maybe we can find a hint.
Also, when running PM, it would be best to not run any other programs in the background. That reduces the amount of events and rules out those as culprits. Even best to take the computer from the network. In that moment you could even dare (temporarily) switching off virus protection and again, helps ruling out culprits.
Many thanks for your effort.

Thanks Ulf,
I will try that tomorrow and hope for a crash or slow down! :slight_smile:
Cheers, Tom

Hi Ulf,
Hey I had a crash of sorts… this time I got a message saying that the audio Engine crashed.
I had process Monitor running and saved the data (I think).

and the Diagnostic file

Let me know if this is any help. It is a different event to the other issues. Maybe the Audio Engine crash is related…?

As I am not really sure what I am doping with PM it may not be useful…?

Hi Tom, I can’t download the diagnostics, I get an error. Can you please post again. Thanks

Try this:

Ignore this it’s not working!!