Dorico 4.3 - all Mixer faders negative infinite when changing playback template


I have upgraded to Dorico 4.3 this afternoon and am really enjoying the new features. Well done Team!
I do run into an issue though. Whenever I either change Playback template or create a new score with my default playback template NotePerformer, all of the Mixer Fader are at minues infinite and therefore no music plays - I have to double click them all to return to 0.00 first.

It happens to all my playback templates - NotePerformer, Synchron Prime, BBCSO Core. I have already completely uninstalled and re-installed Dorico, HalionSE and Noteperformer to no effect.
Is this a known issue? Any idea how to fix this.


Edit: Added Dorico Diagnostics
Dorico (2.2 MB)

What is Preferences > Play > Mixer level set to?

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well that was easy… I didn’t even know that setting and it seems to have been at a very unlucky default of complete silence… it still doesn’t show any db value, however changing this has indeed resolved the issue. Now need to find 0.00 with that slider :smiley:

thanks a lot.

Note that it’s a new feature in 4.3. I don’t think that -∞ is the default.

See this thread about the lack of numbers on the slider.

Perfect - thanks again. Yeah I thought that would be a pretty weird default. Maybe I somehow got it changed without noticing it - anyway thanks for your support on this matter :slight_smile:

If you have a mouse with a scrollwheel it is surprisingly easy to accidentally adjust that fader by nudging the scrollwheel when your mouse is over it.