Dorico 4.3: Play preferences default output level

Daniel and team congratulations on the new release, somehow you folks keep managing to add some huge unexpected feature along with a ton of smaller ones, such as the preferences for default output level.


I suppose this was from some feedback I gave, delighted to see it here regardless. One small improvement would be if the actual level would be displayed next to the slider - I’d exchange “max +2 dB” with showing the numerical value, since you’ll find out that+2 is max if you slide it to the end.

For example I put it at what I thought zero might be, had to start a new project to see what I got, no it was +.32dB (surprised I got that close), then close the project and start another, no I got -.09 … you get the idea.

Otherwise thanks for the update!

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Actually I give up, I tried about five times and keep ping-ponging +.09 and -.09, somehow can’t hit zero blindly. But do please consider the feedback and I’ll let it be. Thanks -

Unfortunately it’s not very easy to show the exact output level, because the precise volume curve is not implemented in Dorico itself but rather in the audio engine. I agree it’s not optimal that you don’t get to see what the resulting value will be, and it’s something we would like to add in future. We decided it was preferable to have a means of setting the default output level and not see precisely what the resulting value would be until you create a project than not have it at all. Personally, I have that slider dragged all the way to the right, at +2dB, and it’s working OK for me.


Gotcha. Well maybe a “Apply Now” button would be a possibility to consider and you could peek at what you get in the Mixer window. Only reason it matters is that I use Dorico for temps which get used in in a game for a long time, so getting close to the final level is important. Thanks -

It takes a bit of manual hacking, but I found this is possible by editing your user preferences file that resides in C:\Users\yournamehere\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico 4. Search for defaultPluginOutputGain and set it to 1.



Would it be possible in the future to have a text-entry box in addition to the slider, where one could type in a desired level, or is that subject to the same limitations you mentioned?

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Thanks @FredGUnn

Note the actual file name is preferences.xml, and a quick way to get there is type %appdata% in File Explorer

Oh and look what I have :grin:

That little anal part of my mind just can’t be happy with anything other than 1

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Yeah, me too, LOL! I figured any setting in Preferences had to have a value stored in the xml file somewhere so I went poking around.


On the iPad I hit 0 on the first try, for the win!

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