Dorico 4.3 keeps crashing

Hi all!

I’m running Dorico (currently 4.3) on an iMac Retina 5K 27’ (2017). The current OS X is 12.6.1. It keeps crashing; either just Dorico or the whole system. Just before it makes a super loud noise, so I don’t dare use my monitors anymore.

It is worth mentioning, that I just got it from an Apple Store, because I had the same problem with 4.2 and 4.1, both still on Big Sur. No hardware problems or anything else was found.

The audio interface I’m using is Apollo twin x, I have the latest drivers.

I will attach the crash report, I would very relieved to find the cause of the issue, this has been going on since January. Thank you in advance!

Dorico 4-2022-11-21-211523.ips (44.3 KB)
Dorico 4-2022-11-21-214221.ips (42.3 KB)

I don’t know how to attach the .diag-files, are they crucial?

Under the Help menu, click on “Create Diagnostic Report”. And upload that. One of the Steinerg team will have a look through it.

It looks like the VST Engine. Maybe try removing some VSTs?

Hi, that is the diagnostic report, or the crash part of it.

As to sounds I use NotePerformer 3.

The whole diagnostics report, please. Thanks

Hi Ulf,

it’s a folder with subfolders, how do I share it here?

The diagnostics report is a zip file. Just post that one file. Or is it too big?

Dorico (3.8 MB)

Oh, I see…thanks. Here the zip.

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Thanks, someone from the London team will soon have a look.

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Thanks for posting the diagnostics. Please allow me to confer with my colleagues to see if we can figure out what might be going wrong.

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Hi @JarkkoR , this looks like a difficult case. We see Dorico crashing in a code area when it receives updates on MIDI devices getting plugged or unplugged and that quite frequently around the time of the crashes.
Did you do actively change your MIDI cabling around that time or didn’t you touch it at all?
Could you maybe disconnect MIDI devices and see if that stabilizes the Dorico operation?
Or it could be an electrical problem, that connectors are not plugged in properly? Please also check on that end.

Dear Ulf,

I did not change anything, it also happened when I was not at the computer at all…

Could my audio interface be the problem? I read that Apollo twin x caused some crashes (with Big Sur). Other than that I have no idea, I just re-attached everything after it had been in the shop.

Could the “Mehrfachsteckdose” be the cause?

It would be interesting to know whether the program is more stable if you disconnect your MIDI devices. I know that will be inconvenient, but it would eliminate what looks like the cause of the problems.

That is hard to do right now, since I’m in the middle of a project. You mean also the midi Keyboard? There I can say that I have a new one, with the old I had the same problem.

How is your MIDI keyboard connected to your computer, physically-speaking?

Right now with a USB3 directly. Most of the stuff comes through a CalDigit hub, the Audio Interface is direct thunderbolt.

The problem was there before the CalDigit hub.

I wonder whether it would be possible to try connecting your MIDI keyboard to your computer directly rather than coming through the hub?

The MIDI keyboard is connected directly.