Dorico 4 and fermata playback

Dorico folks,

Did we get fermata playback controls, like Sib has, in this update? It looks like not. Otherwise excited.


No, fermatas don’t play back at present.

How then do you simulate fermata length. In 3.5 I use tempo lane to draw change but in version 4 I do not see way to draw in lane. I have to use tempo popover to slow tempo then make tempo correction on next note. Not good way.

I agree, E_C. It shouldn’t be a hard bit of programming. I really hope it gets added soon. It’s one of the things that keeps me from fully embracing Dorico, to be honest.

When Dorico folks add this, I hope they also allow for the function of a gap afterwards whose length can be controlled, as Sibelius does.

– Mike

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Every time somebody says, “it shouldn’t be a hard bit of programming”, a software developer somewhere dies. Don’t kill software developers!

We know this is a needed feature and it is a high priority for future versions, but I can’t say for sure when it will be done.


Indeed. And Paul Walmsley has explained quite thoroughly why this is not an easy task.

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One of the best replies I have ever heard. That made my day and encourages me to stop whining so much.