Dorico 4 Bug with editing symbols

Hey all, I noticed some changed behaviour in Dorico 4 for Symbols which combine more than one glyph. First, on opening my scores in Dorico 4, some symbols look different (wrong) as the distances of the glyphs are not as they were in 3.5.
Mostly I could fix those and it was not a big hassle. But on some, Dorico seems to behave erratic. I also noticed that the values of the “Attachment From” sometimes change during editing, without editing on them :wink:

Little demonstration: Dorico Bug with Music Symbols - YouTube

I hope the youtube video is helpful. The moment I try to fix the Symbol with four glyphs, the third glyph is floating somewhere else … Changing Attachment From/To doesn’t help, and on changing Z, hell breaks loose :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, all in all - just pointing out that there are some things not working :wink:

I believe this is the problem discussed in this thread a couple weeks ago. If so, it is already fixed in the update, coming soon.

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Ah, I didn’t catch that. Awesome!