Dorico 4 - Glyphs stacking on top of one another in custom tonality system

Firstly, congrats on the awesome upgrade—there’s been some amazing tweaks to the edit tonality system window that will literally cut HOURS out of my work time. Dorico continues to be the absolute best for engraving microtonal scores with fantastic playback. (I also can’t wait to use the new key editor!)

However, there’s been a problem with custom accidentals that contain 3 or more glyphs. Glyphs are stacking on top of one another. It appears there’s an issue with the attachment points; I’m not certain what’s the problem exactly, but all my custom accidentals with more than 3 glyphs are displaying incorrectly on the score, in the edit tonality system window, and in the edit accidental window.

I’ve attached a project file that contains this problem.

MacOS 10.15.7
thomas_bells_dor4.dorico (1.7 MB)

Yes, those multi-glyph accidentals appear as cluttered here, too, in Dorico 4.

This is happening with my scores using custom accidentals (Helmholtz Ellis Just Intonation accidentals, like Jude’s), as well.

Yes, we’ll look into this as soon as possible. Lots of you, one of me, only so many hours in the day, etc. Sorry for the inconvnience.


Thanks @dspreadbury — appreciate the attention and we know you’ve got a ton of things to juggle right now!


I’ve been looking into this problem tonight and understand the nature of it now (it’s related to changes we’ve made to try to fix some problems with offsets for chord symbol components when editing them). Hopefully we will be able to have a good fix for this in the first maintenance update. Thanks for your patience, and sorry again for the inconvenience.


Wonderful Daniel! I noticed it too and didn’t want to pile on. Thanks!

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Cofirming that in any tonality system, with any accidental glyphs, if you create a custom accidental and add three glyphs, the third one gets placed on top of the second one. So this is not a problem with just a specific accidental set, it happens with any glyphs.