Dorico 4 for schools

Hi, we have 20 Pro licenses for our school.
When Dorico 4 arrives, what will be the best way to upgrade?
Will the new multi-seat license system be ready by then?
Or should we just buy regular upgrades?
We want to upgrade as soon as possible of course.


No doubt Daniel will ask you to email him directly about the particulars of site licenses.

Also, if I remember correctly from what was stated earlier, site licenses won’t be implemented the first day of rollout of the new system.

Thanks, @Romanos401 . Let’s see what Daniel has to say.


The FAQ and Daniel have said institutional won’t come until later, my impression was I’d expect them to work on it after the system rolled through the lineup, so they’ll probably start working on it at the end of the year at the earliest since 2022 will be “the year of licensing” with new releases across the board and they’ll be busy with that. So not until next year (2023) I expect, and I’d guess maybe summertime they might start initial discussions (this is all just speculation on my part)

In the meantime sticking with the dongles is probably the best bet and not worry about it, pretty sure those will continue to work with Dorico 4.

Thanks, @DanMcL.


This is incorrect. There will be no dongles for the new licensing system. The old dongles will not be an option from D4 onwards. Old dongles will continue to work for a while with old licenses, but not new ones.

OK, thanks I didn’t catch that. Fine with me but I assumed they’ll have dual compatibility for some time at least. Probably best to get off the old system ASAP I guess.

I think the answer to your question is here:
If you are a business owner or are employed by an enterprise or educational institution that requires multi-user licensing, please stay tuned for further information about the new multi-user licensing options that will be coming in 2022. The above applies only to single-user perpetual licenses for Steinberg software using Steinberg Licensing.

Thanks, @notesetter, I remember reading that and just wanted to know when we will get that info. Ideally, we would like to upgrade ASAP when D4 arrives.


We would also like you to be able to upgrade to Dorico 4 right away, and I’m delighted to hear you are keen to do so, but we will not have multi-user updates or new seats available for purchase immediately after Dorico 4’s arrival – they will come as quickly as possible, but it will be a few months after Dorico 4 itself arrives. We want to make sure we get the new system working as well as possible before our educational customers get their hands on it.

OK, so maybe we just upgrade a few for the teachers right away with the regular upgrades, and the student ones later when the system is ready? Then the teachers will get a head start if that’s possible?


Yes, it’s certainly possible to buy single-user updates for individual educational licenses, of course.

Hi Daniel. We bought licenses now because we didn’t want to wait. I assume that they will all show up in the account when activated, and that we don’t need to have separate Steinberg accounts for each computer? I rather have all the school computers on the same account and perhaps the teachers on separate ones.


There may be some wrinkles associated with having lots of licenses for the same product assigned to the same Steinberg ID account right now. @Richard_Lanyon, can you remind me what the state of that is?

Thanks, I’ll wait for Richard to answer then.


At the moment the Steinberg Licensing system is unable to distinguish different licences of an identical type. I believe this means that the scenario you outline will unfortunately not work with the current release as each computer will try to use the same licence. This is something we are actively working on.

I just bought 13 licenses, so what should I do? Create 13 new email addresses and 13 new Steinberg accounts? Kind of sucks.


I mailed Asknet to cancel the order, I hope it work’s.
transaction 1900984824


I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but this is indeed why we recommended waiting until we have the proper solution in place. It will follow as soon as possible after Cubase 12’s launch as we can achieve it.

OK, can you please check that my latest order of 11 licenses get canceled if that is possible. Jesper