Dorico 4: No sound

I’m a registered v. 3.5 user, trying to upgrade to Dorico 4. I’m installing fresh on a new PC. It’s a plain out-of-the-box install with no extra VSTs or anything like that. I’ve downloaded a trial version for now, and will buy and register once I get things working. I get no sound on any of the sample scores. I didn’t make any adjustments to the sample files. Nor can I get any sound out of the HALion SE standalone app by selecting a piano and playing the onscreen keyboard.

The only two choices in Dorico’s Edit/Preferences/Device Setup are “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver,” and “RealTek ASIO.” The “Generic” driver shows no output devices. The Realtek Driver allows me to select Stereo Output: HD Audio Output 1, HD Audio Output 2. Sample rate is 44100. The Device Control Panel settings are 2 ms, 88 24 bits PCM Samples (4100 Hz), and 5632 1 bit DSD Samples (2.822 MHz).

The computer is brand new, and Dorico 3.5 is NOT installed on it. It’s a
Dell XPS 8560, Windows 11, 2 TB solid state drive, 32 Gigs RAM

In case this helps… I also have Notion 6 installed on this PC. It can play back with no problem, using either DirectSound or the Realtek ASIO. I noticed that when I tested Notion with the Realtek ASIO, after closing Notion, I could no longer start Dorico–it would freeze while loading the audio engine. A reboot cured that. My point is that the Realtek ASIO does work. I have a pair of Harmon/Kardon speakers plugged into the built-in sound card outputs on the back panel of the PC.Windows sounds and audio from Web browsing play correctly through Realtek audio to both speakers and headphones.

So, what do I do now?


Hi @pklein , welcome to the forum.

If you go to Edit > Device Setup , choose the Generic Low Latency Driver and then click on the Control Panel button, the control panel for the driver will open. At the top of that window is an option that says something about allowing exclusive control. Check mark that option and in the middle in the list of output ports at least one item should appear. Does that do? If so make sure that also that entry ich check marked at the front. Then close that window and - attention - close the Device Setup dialog as well and also reload your current project. If you do that and then enter Device Setup again, does it then show the correct output port?

Thanks, Ulf. Your suggestions regarding the Generic ASIO have enabled sound. But not at first. I tried it several times, and my checking the ‘Allow Exclusive control’ box) was “undone” when I went into the device control panel again. And I got no output port choices.

I tried this several times, exiting everything, exiting the program, no joy. I alternated between the “Tombeau de Rachmaninoff” and Rameau sample scores. I switched several times between the Generic and Realtek drivers.

Then suddenly, the Realtek speakers appeared in the Generic driver panel as a choice, and sound worked. So it worked, but I had to “fight” the computer several times before it “took.”

Good that you have sound again. Let us know should you get in trouble again.

A very frequent matter reported on this forum all the time, for dozens of different reasons. Somebody should write a long HOWTO on how to troubleshoot lack of audio and audio issues in Dorico, to save the endless one off threads. Maybe I should! I’ll have a think about it. There’s naturally a lot to cover.

Actually, is there some resource like this already?

Of course there is. See, for example, this thread, which not only contains a link to the troubleshooting video we have made for this very purpose, but also a text transcription of it:

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