Dorico 4 + NotePerformer?


Some people in this forum have way more experience with NotePerformer and Dorico than I do. So I’m asking: How long does it normally take before NotePerformer is “officially” compatible with new versions of software (such as Dorico 4)?

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Ian Hook

NotePerformer will work just as well with Dorico 4 as it does with Dorico 3.5.


Okay, cool, thank you!

Hi, I just installed the update, looks really promising. I use NotePerformer, and it seems to not want to work with the new update. HalION is playing back just fine, so I don’t think it’s an audio setup issue. Is there a VST setup option that NotePerformer needs toggled to work properly? I can’t even pull up its custom interface, which used to be accessible via the “e” button, which looks to me like a compatibility issue. Is this something that will have to wait on Wallander to update the software in order to work properly?

It should just work straight away. Are you on Win or Mac?
If on an M1 Mac, notice that you have to run Dorico in Rosetta because NP is not M1 compatible, yet.

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Yup that’s it. Guess I’ll use Hal for now and wait…? It’s not a big deal and runs a lot better on native.

We don’t have any idea how long it will be before Arne is ready to release a native, VST3-compatible version of NotePerformer, so you should probably run in Rosetta mode for the time being. The performance will still be good.


I’ve the same problem and I’ve never done it so, how do I run in Rosetta?

Go to the Applications folder, right click on the Dorico app and choose Get Info. In the middle of the little window that will pop up is an option for running in Rosetta mode. Tick that, close and launch Dorico.

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Thank you

I’m confused. Rosetta is on and I switched from Halion to NP. In play mode the mixer shows only two random channels that contain all sound if I solo them. If I press midi I see all my instruments but there is nothing in them and they don’t react when the music is played

Did you reapply the playback template?

Yes I did, this is how it looks

While the project is loaded, can you please do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and post the corresponding zip file here? Thanks

I did not strip it down, please see the first flow.
Dorico (1.1 MB)

According to the logs it loads fine. In Play mode on the left side, can you change to the VST Rack tab and see if it shows 2 NotePerformer instances?

(Btw, I’m off now for lunch, so won’t answer for a while)

Aha, its the old mixer for NP! I thought the channels would appear in the new one. Still I’m puzzled as to why two of the instruments, trumpet1 and voice appear in the low window and seem to hold all the music and mute everything if they are muted.
So the bottom line is that I open that mixer window and don’t touch the new one?
Or maybe use Halion until the M1 native NP arrives shortly.
Hope you had a nourishing lunch guess you need it these days <:-)

Thanks, yes, I had a nice lunch.

Now to NP: It doesn’t matter if M1 compatible or not, that is the way NP works, it has it’s own mixer and provides only a stereo out per plug-in instance. In this case, those 2 stereo outs go to the first 2 channels of the Dorico mixer. The Dorico mixer picks as channel name the name of the first slot of the NP instance. This is as far audio processing goes. All other faders to the right are actually MIDI faders. So they send MIDI data to NP and by that you can still level out the instruments within one NP instance even from Dorico, So it is a kind of remote control then.
Did this explanation make it more clear?

Thank you, yes I think so. But does that mean that even after the coming NP update I will keep having their mixer window? I understand that you might not be informed about how NP will do but is it a fair guess that if I use the Rosetta NP mixer now it will be a smooth transition once that update arrives? So I do better by using Rosetta rather that use the Halion mixer without Rosetta and then update when the natives arrive?

Certainly, I don’t know the future plans of NP, but I think it is best guess that it will most likely stay basically the way it is with it’s own mixer. But you can maybe go to the NP-forum and ask there.