Dorico 4 or 5 Argggggghhhh

Hi. I might upset some people with this but I’ve never come across a piece of software so buggy and unreliable as Dorico. For some reason it started crashing occasionally about 2 months ago and will now just not work reliably. It doesn’t matter whether I use Dorico elements 4 or 5 they both crash on startup. EVERYTIME I have to go to the task manager and disable the Vst engine. Sometimes they start. When they do there’s no sound and the program crashes with ‘serious error blah blah blah’ I’ve sent crash dumps to Steinberg. Is anyone else having similar issues. I’m a long time Cubase user and have always thought highly of Steinberg products. My system is Windows 10 dual xeon CPU, 128gB ram. Latest version of Dorico. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Jon

I think it’s worth uploading the crash files here as well, so the good Steinberg people such as @Ulf can have a look at them and help you with your setup. The possible error sources are endless, but the Crash Dumps here are a better way to get direct feedback.


As klafkid said, please choose from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

And if it’s happening in a particular project then it can’t hurt uploading here for someone to fool around with.

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My experience has been exactly the opposite!
I have been using Dorico since December 2020.


Hi. Thanks. Is late here so I’ll send a crash dump when it happens again. It doesn’t do it on any particular song. Something else I’ve noticed is that there’s no sound on startup until I switch the audio device to the Steinberg built in. I’m using an RME Fireface UCX. On startup, this doesn’t produce any sound. However, when I change to the in built Steinberg and then switch back, it works. Odd. Cheers Jon

Diagnostics Reports retain information for a little while, so there’s no need to wait for another crash before creating a diagnostic report and uploading.

Anecdotally I’m in the same position as Stephen - Dorico’s remarkably stable here, and has been for many years.


Again, I’d say your experience is not the usual one: which means it likely can be fixed on your computer!

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I am sorry you are experiencing this. I think the last isolated crash I had, was something like 6 months ago (and I use Dorico every day). If you experienced so many crashes, it must be a system/setup related problem.

I found that Dorico is really stable, and in case of any problem the Team is really committed, responsive, and fast in helping. Just submit the needed information:
the Diagnostics are very important to diagnose the cause of the problem.

(the crash dumps that Dorico asks to send when you restart Dorico are anonymised and not referable to your particular request, so create the Diagnostics through the help menu and post it here)

Hi @JonnoRAS , I can only repeat again, please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and post the corresponding zip file either here or to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. Thanks

There have been issues with RME audio interfaces running old drivers. I’ve had that problem myself. Had constant crashes in Dorico. If you didn’t do that yet, try updating to the latest RME driver. This solved this issue for me.


Hi all. Thanks for the helpful responses. I am trying to attach (upload) the Dorico diagnostic file but its saying there’s a 4mB limit and the report is over 8mB. Any thoughts. Cheers Jon

Use We Transfer.

Send it as an email

Preferably with a link to this topic, so Ulf can Help you out here.

The problem I have with this forum is that as soon as anyone has an issue, up pops the “well it works just fine for me” crowd. Just because your system doesn’t exhibit a bug does not by any stretch of the imagination mean that the bug doesn’t exist. And you telling everyone that your system is just fine serves no purpose other than to invalidate the OP.

@JonnoRAS Are you using Dorico 5 on the same system as your DAW? Dorico 5 can’t handle 3rd party plugins. It’s almost as though nobody at Steinberg knows about VST!

I have 2 machines with all manner of Steinberg software, Cubase, Wavelab, Nuendo, and a bunch of software instruments, and the only thing that ever crashes is Dorico and it’s been doing so since V3. If you’re running a PC, open the Task Manager and kill the VST plug-in scan master as soon as you try to open Dorico. Once that process is dead there’s a strong chance Dorico will open.

There is no way in Dorico to not load every single VST3 you have. (Baffling is it?) I’ve no idea why anyone would need a compressor or a dynamic EQ on a written score, but there you go. It’s all or nothing. Combine this silly facet with Dorico not being able to handle VST’s anyway, and this is not even good enough to call beta software. And we’re on version 5. And we paid for it.

“I’m allowed to complain that a software is buggy and unreliable, but contrasting user viewpoints are invalid, because my experience is normative.”

No one’s denying the issue raised isn’t real, or preventing real solutions from being offered.


Nobody’s denying that the OP has a problem. We’re responding to the question

mostly answering “no”, which is helpful in that it lets the OP know that there’s likely something specific to their setup that’s causing problems.

It may well be that a grouchy third party VST is causing the hangs/crashes, and the diagnostics report that many of us have suggested they upload would hopefully point to which VST is causing problems.


Anecdote and data are two different things. If everyone responds “Yes, I can confirm the error”, then it’s an obvious, repeatable bug.

If some people say “No” and some people say “Yes”, then it may point to particular hardware or environment as the causal factor.

If no one else has the problem, then it helps the user to identify that it’s a specific issue to their setup, and they can start testing accordingly.

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Great! Super! Glad we’ve got that sorted out. Having been an engineer for decades now, working with highly complex systems, I can honestly say I’ve never once been able to fix a bug by looking at things where the bug isn’t.

Now we have the “grouchy 3rd party VST” excuse. Super. So these grouchy VST’s work with multiple DAWs from multiple vendors including multiple versions of Steinberg DAW’s . And it’s the plugin that’s the problem?

This is why we can’t have nice things.

The diagnostic report contains absolutely nothing of value.

Hi. Here is the We Transfer download link to the Diagnostic report. Thanks in advance.