Dorico 4 or 5 Argggggghhhh

Hi Justin. Yes I’m using Cubase 13 (latest version with the hotfix for Windows). I have loads of Vst’s. Do you think that might be the problem. Jon

Yes. Open your Task Manager and type VST in the search window. Then open Dorico and kill VST plug-in scan master as soon as it appears.

Thanks for the diagnostics @JonnoRAS .
According to the log files you had yesterday 4 successful runs of both Dorico and the audio engine. At least it shows that both applications terminated gracefully. Before that the logs show you had some runs on Feb 2nd but there indeed the log of the audio engine broke off, so yes, that looks like crashes you had. Unfortunately there is only one crash dump file, but I will take a look later as I’m currently not on my developer machine.

Sorry, but that statement is just ridiculous. I have solved already literally hundreds of cases by just looking at the contained data. That is the reason why the first thing I always ask for is the diagnostics, because for me it does contain a lot of useful information. And even if it does not point me directly to a bug, then at least it tells me where I don’t need to search for it, which is also useful.


Thanks Ulf. Jon

I’m always amazed at how many ex-software engineers are on this forum. It seems so many of them are getting jobs in the engraving industry that I might have to go and study it myself.


Ridiculous, and yet who was my source?

You’ve managed to solve hundreds of cases and yet we have a piece of commercial software (again, paid for!) thats full of bugs. Maybe searching for individual problems isn’t the thing to do? Maybe looking for why you’ve needed to solve hundreds of issues would be a better use if your time?

@Justin_Fisher why so much hate? We’re all here to support each other.

If you didn’t already know: @Ulf is a Steinberg engineer that works on their audio engine and does his best to help out here whenever he can. :heart:

How are Steinberg supposed to discover why they’ve had to solve “so many issues” if they don’t know what is causing them?


Are you for real ???

Hi @JonnoRAS , unfortunately I did not find the smoking gun in the dump file.
It looks to me that somewhere an exception got thrown and the main thread then just going down because it can’t handle that exception.
What kind of NVIDIA graphics card do you have? I see tons of worker threads and they are all inside the nvwgf2umx.dll which is part of the NVIDIA driver. Maybe you could have a look for a driver update.

I would also look for a driver update for your RME interface. Not that I think that one is causing crashes, but you said you have no sound initially when loading a project.

And should you have crashes again, please go to C:/Users/yourName/Documents/Steinberg/Crashes and send me all new dump files you can find in there.
I know, you clicked on ‘Send to Steinberg’ button, but those dumps are all going anonymized into our bug database and I can’t trace them back to the individual users. That’s why I’m asking to send them directly to me. Thanks

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Hi Ulf. No worries. Thanks for trying. My Graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GT640 (latest version 474.64) and the RME driver and firmware is at the latest version too. I’ll see how I get on. When it crashes again I’ll send you a dump file. Strange though, when I look at the dump files (in the path) all my Dorico dump files are Okb but all my Cubase files have data. Cheers Jon

Thanks for checking the driver versions.

Actually, it was already late yesterday when I had a look at the audio engine crash dump, so this morning I took a fresh look and with some more debug symbols I could resolve now the complete stack and now I can see exactly where it is crashing. The audio engine is shutting down and in the destructor it tries to write out to disc the default values of the baios.
Now, I attached here a new baios component, so could you please copy (after unzipping) that baios.dll to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico5\VSTAudioEngine\Components ? Maybe you want to keep a back-up copy of the old file, but that back-up copy must be outside of the Components folder.
And with that new dll in place, let’s see if that behaves better with you (299.2 KB)

Edit: And please send me the most recent Cubase crash dump as well. I want to see if that also crashes at the same/similar location.


Hi Ulf. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with this. It is greatly appreciated. I’ll try this out and keep you informed if I’m still getting crashes. I have attached my latest Cubase Dump file as requested. This is just 1 of 92 crashes I’ve had since Christmas. I hope it makes some sense. Thanks again. Jon

Cubase 13.0.21 64bit2024.2.27 (2.5 MB)

Thanks again for the data. The Cubase dump file is interesting, but it crashes in a completely different way which is not similar at all compared to Dorico. I will enter it also in our bugbase.

Thanks Ulf. By the way, I posted an issue I’m having with the Cubase audio connections disappearing and then loosing the connections presets. I’ve attached a link to it. I don’t know whether you know about this sort of issue. If not, no worries. Just thought I’d ask seeing as you are an expert. Cheers Jon

No, I’m not familiar with that issue. When I resolved the crash dump it shows a crash deep down on the audio processing level. I have no clue on that level. Other people in our company need to deal with that crash.

OK thanks. Jon

Hi @JonnoRAS , I’m interested to know, now that you have a new baios component, is that now working better for you, or do you still get lots of crashes with Dorico?

Hi Ulf. I’ve only used it twice since using the different file. No crashes though. Hopefully this will continue. Thanks Jon.

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