Dorico 4, problem with Stainberg Activation Manager after restarting the computer

Yesterday I installed Dorico 4 on my computer and activated it via Steinberg Activation Manager, but when I turn it on again, or restart the computer, I have to go through this procedure again (log in to the account, enter my username and password …). Maybe I did something wrong during the installation process? Please tell me how to fix it!?

Are you running on Windows? Is it possible that you have a non-Latin character in the name of your home directory? If so this is a bug on our side (for which I apologise), but there is a workaround which is to turn on the use of UTF-8 in non-Unicode applications, as described in this post: Steinberg Activation Manager keeps asking for activation - #8 by valsolim

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Большое спасибо, Richard! Проблема решена!

Thanks a lot, Richard! Problem solved!