Dorico 4 with EZDrummer 3

Hey there,

my dreams would come true, if I could use Dorico in Sync with EZDrummer. And along with this I mean the ability to quickly make a nice drum backingtrack, without actually writing it out completely.

I almost thought it works in the latest version. If “Follow Host” is engaged in EZDrummer, it reacts when I click the play button. But EZDRummer doesn’t follow the tempo and it also starts in a weird position around the 10th bar, when I play from the top.
I can almost see it work! I saw a few older threads, where users said it’s not working yet. So, I was wondering if there is any change in the latest version, that could make everything work. All it needed is EZDrummer following the tempo of Dorico and the position in the score.

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum, Phil. I’m afraid there’s no news on this front just yet, though we definitely plan to implement full tempo sync for Dorico and its audio engine in a future version. Unfortunately it’s not a small job. My colleague Ulf has suggested a way we could implement a simple version that would work if you enable fixed tempo mode in Dorico, but of course this would then preclude any projects with any kind of flexibility of tempo, which would be quite a significant limitation.