Dorico 5.0.10 update now available

We are pleased to announce the availability of Dorico 5.0.10, a hot fix update that is intended to address a number of issues that have cropped up with the new version since its release a week ago.

To update, please run Steinberg Download Assistant. You should see Dorico Pro 5 listed under the Updates category, but if not, you can choose it under the Dorico category. You need only install Dorico 5.0.10 Application Installer, and you may also want to review the updated Dorico 5 Version History PDF.

The build number of the updated version is Dorico 5.0.10 build 2029. It also includes an updated VST audio engine, version 5.6.1 build 107.

The following changes and improvements are included in this update:


Scrub playback

Scrub only selected staves. Dorico now considers the selection when you activate scrub playback: if you have selected items from more than one staff, Dorico will include only those instruments when scrubbing; you can still hold Shift to solo the instrument under the mouse pointer.

Stepping forwards and backwards. It is now possible to step forwards and backwards through the score when scrub playback is active using the left and right arrow keys. The playhead now appears while scrub playback is active, helping you to orientate yourself in the music when scrubbing with the arrow keys.

Instrument filters. In galley view, scrub playback now respects the active instrument filter, if any. Only instruments included in the instrument filter will be played back.

Toggle Scrub Playback command. It is now possible to use the Toggle Scrub Playback command in Write mode, so it is practical to define a custom shortcut to this command if desired.

MIDI trigger regions

Default key command. The default key command Shift+0 (zero) has now been added to the default shortcuts sets for languages other than English.

Suppress playback. It is now possible to use the Suppress playback property with MIDI trigger regions.

Write mode mouse editing

Dragging by octaves. You can now hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (macOS) after beginning to drag notes to edit their pitch to snap to octaves.

Issues resolved

Component Issue
Audio engine On some Windows computers, the VST audio engine was slow to start up; this has now been fixed.
Instrument editor Setting an octave transposition in the instrument editor no longer sometimes triggers a crash.
Instrument editor User-defined instruments and variants are now always correctly bracketed with other instruments in the same family.
Instrument editor Under some circumstances, the star icon in the instrument editor would not be lit up for an instrument saved in the user library; this is now fixed.
Instrument editor Toggling the filter to show only instruments in the project no longer incorrectly causes copies or variants of instruments you have created during that dialog session to disappear from the list of instruments.
Instrument editor Adding both a copy and a variant of an instrument to the project library no longer incorrectly causes the first of those added instruments to lose its family associations.
Instrument editor Creating a new variant of a factory instrument no longer prevents the creation of the original instrument in the project.
Instrument editor Under some circumstances it was impossible to delete the copy of a factory instrument in the instrument editor; this has now been fixed.
Instrument editor It is now possible to reset user-defined instruments back to their saved state in the user library.
Instrument editor Controls related to pitched instruments are now correctly disabled for unpitched percussion instruments.
Instrument editor Under some circumstances, selecting an instrument in the instrument editor that is one of several held by the same player could cause a crash; this is now fixed.
Instrument editor It was not always possible to delete a copy of an instrument in the instrument editor; this ha now been fixed.
Key Editor The piano roll and other editors in the Key Editor now correctly update immediately after ediing grace notes in played durations mode.
Key Editor The piano roll and other editors in the Key Editor now correctly update immediately after editing articulations, slurs, glissando lines and octave lines in the music area.
Key Editor The piano roll and other editors in the Key Editor now correctly update immediately after notes are input via MIDI keyboard.
Key Editor Further improvements to the reliability of the vertical crosshair in the Key Editor, including ensuring that it immediately follows the mouse pointer when the zoom level changes.
Key Editor When selecting a note in a drum kit immediately after switching between page and galley view, the percussion editor no longer unexpectedly scrolls out of view.
Note input In certain circumstances, Dorico could crash when using Insert mode to extend the duration of the current bar; this has now been fixed.
Note input Copying and pasting notes from one staff of an instrument using independent voice playback to another now correctly carries along any relevant MIDI CC data.
Project files Dorico no longer crashes when opening some projects created in earlier versions.
Scrub playback Instruments using independent voice playback now scrub correctly in flows after the first.
Scrub playback Microtonal pitches now play back correctly during scrub playback.
Text Italic, bold, and bold italic font styles now preview correctly in the Paragraph Styles dialog when running Dorico in languages other than English (Windows only).
Time signatures Interchangeable time signatures are now correctly preserved when opening a saved project.
User interface In some windows and dialogs, spin boxes would require you to move focus from them before they would register the change in value; now, the value is updated as soon as the contents of the input field changes.
User interface The MIDI Import Options dialog now shows resize arrows at its edges when opened from the Hub window.
User interface Under rare circumstances, changing one of the values for the Single Color and Gradient buttons in the Background Colors section of the Colors page of Preferences could cause the corresponding buttons for the other window mode to change unexpectedly; this has been fixed.
User interface Dorico no longer crashes when you attempt to reset background colors when set to use a Single Color.
User interface The instrument picker no longer lists duplicate instruments when running Dorico in a language other than English.
User interface The initial state of the Follow playhead switch in the status bar for a newly-created project now correctly reflects the corresponding preference value.
User interface It is now possible to close the toolbar layout selector by clicking outside its area.
User interface Certain drop-down menus would open in full screen mode if the project window was already in full screen mode; this has now been fixed (macOS only).
User interface The state of the marquee/hand tool buttons in the status bar is now initialized correctly when first opening a project window.
User interface The behavior of spin boxes in various windows and dialogs, including the Key Editor and the track inspector in Play mode, has been improved.
Video Attached videos are once again synced correctly during playback; they are not currently synced correctly during real-time recording, which will be addressed in future.
Write mode mouse editing When dragging notes rhythmically in galley view, notes no longer sometimes seem to bunch up at barlines.
Write mode mouse editing Pitches in arbitary EDO tonality systems are now correctly transposed when dragged with the mouse.
Write mode mouse editing The durations of tied notes are now considered in the width of the overlay that shows the duration of the selection being dragged rhythmically.
Write mode mouse editing Dragging cross-staff notes now works as expected.