So Daniel, your solution to the temporarily unavailable team members is apparently cloning the available ones and feeding them all some kind of super juice?:grin:
Seems the only explanation for this update… :astonished:


We don’t let the grass grow under our feet. We want to make sure the thousands of users who have updated to Dorico 5 already get the best possible experience, and to encourage thousands more to take the plunge!


Wow, all power to you and the entire team for this speedy and positive response Daniel. Massive testament of the commitment to the Dorico community’s success. :muscle: :muscle: :muscle: :grinning:

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Not surprised. Always making the best better. That’s what I’ve always seen from Dorico and the Dorico team ever since I decided to migrate to composing on a Notation program from a DAW (Cubase). Love your effort with the team @dspreadbury :musical_note::pray:t2:


Hi Daniel,
thanks a lot for the quick update and the improvements regarding srcub playback. Scrub seems to ignore chord symbols. Are there plans to include them in the future?
Cheers Tom

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It’s not something I had considered, to be honest, but I will make a note of it and think about it.


Thank you! To me this is a major UI improvement. I think it will save a lot of confusion.


Thank you for the update!

Thanks for quickly fixing the video playback issue!

Didn’t 5 come out like three weeks ago? Superlatives fail me.

Daniel and his team are MADMEN. (Meant in the best possible way.) Wow.

ALL the respect!


Truly an amazing team

Stepping forwards and backwards. It is now possible to step forwards and backwards through the score when scrub playback is active using the left and right arrow keys. The playhead now appears while scrub playback is active, helping you to orientate yourself in the music when scrubbing with the arrow keys.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa, not just fixes but improvements. This is much more deliberate and easier for me, thanks!!!

Except it’s not working for me, hmmmm, the active playhead is genius, it appears to go where you last stopped, I’m using the bare arrow keys but no bueno

And sometimes the playhead appears elsewhere, like it gets a little confused if you scrub around.

Try “seven days ago” … although I’m certain that it felt four times longer for Daniel and the gang!


I’m a mite confused with this too

Toggle Scrub Playback command. The Toggle Scrub Playback command now works only in Write mode, as it should.

Toggle Scrub Playback command. It is now possible to use the Toggle Scrub Playback command from any window mode, so it is practical to define a custom shortcut to this command if desired.

Scrub playback is only available in Write mode which makes sense, but what do you mean by ‘any window mode’.

Yeah, that doesn’t make sense (notes I wrote for two different builds being amalgamated together).