Dorico 5.1 crashing

i updated to 5.1 on windows last week and it seems to be crashing frequently

Hi @Bernhard_Metzger , then please do from the Dorico menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Dankeschoen :smiley:

here you go.

Dorico (2.7 MB)

Thanks, Bernie.

Actually there is only one dump file contained and that is from Dorico itself. Hi @dspreadbury , could you please have a first look at that dump? Thanks a lot
Btw, the audio engine is running fine and always shuts down gracefully.

Crash text removed

Please, if at all possible, just attach the file rather than copy/pasting a couple of feet of text into the thread.

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Thanks for providing the crash log. You have experienced the same crash described here:

We will provide a fix for this as soon as possible.