Dorico 5: Bug drawing MIDI cc curve in key editor

Hi folks,

On OSX 12.6.6 on latest Dorico 5.0.10, I’m having trouble drawing MIDI cc in the key editors.

I can draw a change to an existing curve once, but then I start getting this weird behavior where hovering the mouse over the key editor draws a whole bunch of dots, but doesn’t actually persist / update the curve (hard to explain):

After closing and reopening the project, I can take another crack and draw again.

How can I help get to the root cause of this?


The problem, I think, is that Dorico is losing the mouse release, so you end up continuously editing the same region. This is the same problem discussed e.g. here:

Ah, ok. We can close this one and I’ll follow along there.

Here I have the same problem! It is annoying! Has the change from the Magic TrackPad to the mouse any effect?