Dorico 5 extremely slow

I am struggling with Dorico’s speed (newest version 5.0.1). Selecting and moving handles - especially by arrow keys - is jerking heavily and extremely tedious. A new installation of the application did not help. What can I do?

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Please tell us more about your computer’s hardware specifications, and please tell us more about the project you’re working on.

Did you install the new Dorico.Version 5.0.20 ?

My project is a String Quartet. I work on a new Macbook 16"/32GB Ram.
After installing 5.0.20 it seems better at the moment. I will keep an eye on it.

Unfortunately Dorico is very slow again. I am working on another project now (piano pieces). Nothing extensive. What can I do?

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“Please tell us more about your computer’s hardware specifications, and please tell us more about the project you’re working on.”

Also, supply a Diagnostic Report (from the Help menu).

As specified above my computer is a Macbook Pro M2 16" with 32GB Ram and with current versions of all relevant software. My current project is a piano-piece of 5 minutes, after I had worked on a string quartett of 10 minutes.
The report is attached.
Dorico (2.0 MB)

Thanks for providing your diagnostics. I’ve had a quick look through them, and I don’t see any poor performance: note input via your MIDI keyboard is typically handled in less than 10ms, and most other commands in less than 80ms, which is reasonably fast. Can you be more specific about particular operations that are slow?

Whenever I click an item (e.g. a handle to shift notes left or right) I have to wait for 1-2 seconds until it is highlighted. The same occurs after pressing OK to trigger an operation (such as defining a meter).

I certainly didn’t notice that in your diagnostics. Please do a few of those operations in your current project, then do Help > Create Diagnostic Report again, and upload the new zip file here.

After some restarts and some work on my project the problem persist and occurs mainly along with mouse operations. Please accept my new report. Thank you for your support!
Dorico (1.7 MB)

You’ll need to give me a bit more information. Can you please make a note of the specific operations you’re finding to be slow, and the rough time at which you’re doing them, and then create the diagnostics? I’ve trawled through your most recent session, and can’t see any operations routinely taking longer than 100ms, and most are much quicker; the obvious exception being saving the project, which takes just under 1 second.

Whenever I click an item and try to nudge it with the key (i.e. moving a note horizontally or a slur vertically) the movement gets bumpy and stalls. Even the orange feedback after selecting an item is very often delayed, especially after a sequence of actions.

Now something weird happened: I tried to made a screenshot-movie to demonstrate it; however while Quicktime is running the problem disappears! Do you have an idea?

I made a video now with my mobile phone; you can see the bumping while i pressed the up/down-keys continously.

It looks like you are using condensing. Dorico is a little slower when editing/engraving with condensing activated, because of the extra condensing calculations after each input that he needs to do.

And the question about Quicktime: maybe your mac has 2 graphic cards and Quicktime activates the “big/faster” graphic card… (just guessing…)…

Also if you need to move things a bigger amount, consider using command+alt and the arrow keys (instead of just alt+arrow key)

I don’t think @lim.usic has condensing enabled – I think his project is for piano.

It doesn’t look to me as if Dorico is slow to respond. It looks as if every so often, one of the nudges takes a moment longer to be redrawn. I don’t know why that would be, unless it was saving at that precise moment, but even if you set Dorico’s auto-save interval to the smallest available value, it would only be saving once per minute. (I don’t recommend this, by the way!)

It’s curious that this doesn’t happen when screen recording. It could just about be possible that the choice of graphics hardware is having some impact, but I think your Mac is an Apple silicon M-series computer, in which case it doesn’t have multiple graphics adaptors.


Condensing was definitely not enabled!
The problem has something to do with the graphic card/video connection. It appears only on my external monitor, not on the internal Laptop-screen. A new higspeed HDMI-cable improved the situation slightly, but not entirely.

I am coming back to the speed issue I have with Dorico: as you pointed out it seems to be a problem concerning the graphic card. The problem occurs only on the external monitor, not on the internal of my Macbook Pro M2.
How should I proceed? Does this appear to be a hardware defect? Is this a problem that i should bring to apple’s attention?

What version of macOS are you on? What is the display (resolution, make and model)?

I have the current MacOS and two 27"-displays (Acer and Benq PD2700U, the latter with 3008x1692 resolution. The problem occurs with both and affects not only visual operations, but also waiting for dialog boxes, disappearence of popovers etc.

An ultra high res display like that is going to be a lot harder to drive than a normal 1080, or even 1440.