Dorico 5 Sound Not Working on Mac

Hello! I just upgraded to Dorico 5 from Dorico 4, mostly for the Scrub Playback. However, I am not getting any sound at all, even when I exported the audio. What am I doing wrong? I have always had trouble with the sound since I got my Macbook with Dorico 4, but usually, if I force quit the application and re-open it, it will fix itself. However, I did that several times, changed the device output, reset the computer, and turned it off for a while. Nothing is working!

I’m not sure if I uploaded the diagnostics thing correctly, I’d be happy to send it differently if needed.
Dorico (354.6 KB)

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Hi @haliefaith35 , and welcome to the Forum!

It seems to me that you correctly uploaded the Diagnostics. I am sure someone of the Team will soon answer (please consider that in Europe is evening…).
Meanwhile you can check this post:

or this post:

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Hi @haliefaith35 ,
thanks for the data, but unfortunately from that what I see in there, I can not say what is wrong on your end. Therefore, please post another diagnostics file, but this time please follow this recipe:

  • Stop all programs and only start Dorico
  • Create a new project from piano template and enter some arbitrary notes
  • Check again, is there no sound?
  • Do ‘Help > Create Diagnostic Report’ and post the zip file here.
    Thanks a lot

And one question: The logs tell me that you chose a USB AUDIO driver. What kind of hardware is behind that driver? And what if you choose under ‘Edit > Device Setup’ the usual Built-in Audio driver? Also no sound?

Dorico (576.1 KB)

Here is the new file! I use logi speakers, which have always worked well for Dorico 4 (and 3.5). The built in audio is my laptop, but that didn’t work either. I have even tried getting the audio to play through my keyboard and that did not work either, all options has worked with Dorico 4.

Hi @haliefaith35 , thanks for the new data. It looks good so far, but what happens is, that Dorico does not automatically create a HALion instance, so there is no VSTInstrument to receive the MIDI notes from Dorico.

Now, what if you do again my recipe and as additional step, go to Play mode and then choose from the Dorico men Play > Playback Template and then use the topmost item and hit the Apply button, do you then get sound during playback.?

And try something else as well please. Enter a 4/4 measure to that test project
and then switch on the metronome. Can you hear at least the ugly clicking noise of metronome then?

If still no sound at all, I’d recommend a reinstallation of Dorico.

I figured out the problem, it was Note Performer! I needed to re-install note performer as it was showing up as !!note performer!!

Thank you so much for the help, I couldn’t have done it without going through your steps to find the problem