Dorico 5 tremolos


I’m trying to write a tremolo between G and B (dotted eight notes). I click the tremolo button and nothing happens, Am I doing something wrong? Thank you very much!
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The two notes of the tremolo need to be identical in length, not just in actual length but in displayed length. So one needs to use Forced Duration to make the two dotted-eighths before applying the tremolo.


I’m overlooking the potential way this ignores the practice of breaking the mid-point of a measure.

That is a long-time-awaited request (of mine) : until now, you NEED to use force duration to make this work (click on the b, press o, 4, 5, 5). Hopefully, this won’t be necessary when time will allow this implementation…
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[Edit] A quick search shows me I’m not the only one expecting this… and I don’t want to repeat myself.


This is a force duration issue, I think. Input the b in force duration, that it is shown as dotted eight (not tied). It should work then.

Hello everyone! Thank you very much for your help!!! I’m very happy that I learned something new accidentally (I didn’t know how to use force duration).

I’m a huge fan of this forum! Good night!


Was going to ask this very question, nice to know it can be done via force duration!