Dorico 5 wishlist

Hello dear fellow Doricians,
I would like to few other features that I would love to see in Dorico 5

  1. A Separate Orchestrator/Arranger section integrated in the Bottom Panel.
  • Actually the current function “Generate Notes From Chord Symbols” already has the solid fundament needed for a function like “Orchestrator/Arranger”, just we need to be able to define the blending of instruments for the thematic material and it’s rhythm in it’s own section, the
    blending of the harmony and it’s rhythm should also has it’s own section in the menu.
  • Of course, the instruments that will be involved in performing the melody/ies should should be excluded automatically from the harmony section, and vice versa.
    N.B: The toughest job in realizing such feature will be related to the polyphonic/contrapuntal material which sometimes could be seen as two or more complete melodies, that should be orchestrated differently, or partial melodic material, which is part of the harmony but sometimes appears against the theme/s, which also will need special attention during the orchestration/arrangement.
  • Such function will vastly improve the workflow in Dorico.
  • The reason why I’m requesting it as a section in the Bottom Panel, is that we need to have visual contact with the score sheet when we are blending instruments, in order to avoid “mistakes” and unwanted sound.
  • This function should not only be able to create full arrangement from Chord Symbols, or Piano, Guitar, Organ and Melodic/Contrapuntal material, but also to change the parts of the instruments of already existing orchestral/band sheet.
  • Оf course the feature should need to be able to save instrument combinations as Presets in order to be re-invoked in the same project when needed, or used in a new one.
  1. A way to use Divisimate in Dorico. (please, don’t accept the adding of this request in this list as bump. Just I want to keep the things in one place).
  • Here is the original request:
    Ability to use Nextmidi - Divisimate alongside Dorico
  • Divisimate will speed-up the note input when using MIDI keyboard, especially with the option to save instrument combinations and to switch between them on fly.
  • Probably the best way Divisimate to be integrated will be something like A.R.A, but for MIDI, where the third-party midi product would become integrated into Dorico, or DAW with option to work as a multichannel/track/staff plugin, or per single one.
  1. Writing in old styles like “Alla Breve” more easier, without additional tricking.
  • I’m aware that writing styles like are rarely used nowadays, but would be really nice if Dorico is able to handle them “natively” without any additional tricks, or tweaks…

Best regards,
Thurisaz :slight_smile: