Dorico 5 wishlist

That’s difficult to ascertain from an animated thingy

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If possible (and I am in the dark here), I would love it if Dorico’s mixer could be operated on a linked iPad or Android app that allowed fader adjustment by touch.


Hello would it be possible to have the possibility of being able to ‘filter’, in addition to the notes with bemolli and diesis, also the notes with parentheses and then in the ‘preferences’, choose from the various parenthesis options?
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Hello, is it possible to increase the number of rows in the “musicians” box, please? Sometimes you have to move more than 5 instruments at a time and it becomes difficult to position well with the little space you have available.

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An upvote from me for @Barry_Lird’s suggestion of guidelines and snap-to functionality, similar to that seen in Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop. That would also be useful for lining up markings around the staves.

Hearing Anthony Hughes on the Dorico YouTube channel using his mellifluous voice to describe entering precise pixel numbers to achieve layout results was like hearing a Stradivarius violin playing The Cheeky Girls’ ‘Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)’.

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То add few improvements, to my previous request here, that I, and probably many others, would love to see:

  1. Expression Maps assignable Divisi/Unis., Soli & Gli-altri, Desk and Player numbers.
  • This is useful for libraries like VSL Dimension Strings which support real string divisi from Section, down to per player divisions.
  1. Custom Playing Techniques Categories and Sub-categories in the Right Panel
  • For example if we are having various organs would be nice to place their registers in separate sub-categories of Keyboard.
  • This will keep the main category Keyboard clear only for the most common keyboard techniques.
  • The creation of a Custom Category will be useful in case of rare instruments that have their own specific techniques.
  1. Cubase-like Control Room section in the Mix Console, where we could place plugins like Sonarworks - SoundID Reference, Reverb, EQ… etc. which can’t be processed during Audio Export.
  • Very often we forget about the active Calibration plugin.
  1. Would be really nice if there is an integrated glyph editor, where we could customize the presence of the desired symbols in order to make the score unique.
  • This is far better option than adding watermarks, or other symbols that will guarantee our copyrights.
  1. Probably it’s time for Dorico to take advantage of MusicXML 4 and MIDI 2.0.
  • The integration of MIDI 2.0 will lead to many Expression Maps improvements.
  • By the way, Steinberg is the creator of the VST and ASIO technologies, Daniel Spreadbury is the creator of the SMuFL standard which became part of not only Dorico but MuseScore, Finale, Overture, Capella, Verovio, Logic Pro and other apps as well. Here I would like to leave the idea
    about Expression Maps standardization. No matter how this function is called in the various DAWs and Scoring Software, it would be nice if one could use the same Expression Maps sets in Dorico, Cubase, Studio One, Cakewalk, Logic Pro, Finale, Notion, Sibelius, Digital Performer… etc.
  1. Would be great to have Audio Input with a monophonic and polyphonic transcription, which will allow us to use a guitar to record guitar parts, or microphone and flute to record melody…
  • Some good ideas could be taken from this software:
  • The guitar (and saz) chord voicing differs a lot from the piano, so it will be much easier to grab the real instrument to record chords, or melodies.
  1. Customizable Metronome, just like in Cubase.
  • Probably one of the best improvements in Cubase, which makes the real-time recording more comfortable and precise, especially when one would like to do experiments with the rhythm.
  1. More folk instruments from Eastern Europe, the Middle and the Far East.
    To name few instruments:

Best regards,

I don’t quite understand this particular request. I have simply put Add-ons in the Expression Map to cover all the various divisi options with the VSL Dimension Strings which works perfectly. As the few libraries which actually implement divisi will do it in a different way, what is it exactly that Dorico should be doing to help here?

Hi @dko22,
Let me make this request of mine more clear.

On the screenshot below you will see the divisi/unis. and Soli & Gli-altri enclosed in red:

Would be nice if they are available for Expression Maps assignment. Libraries like Dimension Strings will take advantage of such an improvement.
Of course some additions should be created for desks/pulti.

I hope now my point is much more clear! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

Hi, in the new version it would be appropriate, in my opinion, to facilitate those who have to transcribe ancient scores (but not only), to have the possibility of greater control over the syllabic correction.
A simple “find and replace” would not be bad, since at the moment, this kind of correction has to be done by hand with inevitable waste of time.
Thank you…

Have you tried the Edit Line of Lyrics dialog?

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Would it be possible to consider this please?

Dynamics: erase background issue - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

Thank you.

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Hi, yes of course, I use it often, but the problem is that I’m forced to read syllable by syllable and if I have to check the whole score it becomes a problem.
The fact is that hyphenation in the Latin language is different from hyphenation in the Italian language and this leads to errors during transcription, hence the need to have a function that can, in a very short time, facilitate the overall work.
By the way, I’ve noticed that if I want to delete all the syllables from within the verse box, it can’t be done.
Strange right?
Anyway thanks for the answer…

That’s right, you can’t delete lyrics in the Edit Line of Lyrics dialog, you can only edit them.

Hello dear fellow Doricians,
I would like to few other features that I would love to see in Dorico 5

  1. A Separate Orchestrator/Arranger section integrated in the Bottom Panel.
  • Actually the current function “Generate Notes From Chord Symbols” already has the solid fundament needed for a function like “Orchestrator/Arranger”, just we need to be able to define the blending of instruments for the thematic material and it’s rhythm in it’s own section, the
    blending of the harmony and it’s rhythm should also has it’s own section in the menu.
  • Of course, the instruments that will be involved in performing the melody/ies should should be excluded automatically from the harmony section, and vice versa.
    N.B: The toughest job in realizing such feature will be related to the polyphonic/contrapuntal material which sometimes could be seen as two or more complete melodies, that should be orchestrated differently, or partial melodic material, which is part of the harmony but sometimes appears against the theme/s, which also will need special attention during the orchestration/arrangement.
  • Such function will vastly improve the workflow in Dorico.
  • The reason why I’m requesting it as a section in the Bottom Panel, is that we need to have visual contact with the score sheet when we are blending instruments, in order to avoid “mistakes” and unwanted sound.
  • This function should not only be able to create full arrangement from Chord Symbols, or Piano, Guitar, Organ and Melodic/Contrapuntal material, but also to change the parts of the instruments of already existing orchestral/band sheet.
  • Оf course the feature should need to be able to save instrument combinations as Presets in order to be re-invoked in the same project when needed, or used in a new one.
  1. A way to use Divisimate in Dorico. (please, don’t accept the adding of this request in this list as bump. Just I want to keep the things in one place).
  • Here is the original request:
    Ability to use Nextmidi - Divisimate alongside Dorico
  • Divisimate will speed-up the note input when using MIDI keyboard, especially with the option to save instrument combinations and to switch between them on fly.
  • Probably the best way Divisimate to be integrated will be something like A.R.A, but for MIDI, where the third-party midi product would become integrated into Dorico, or DAW with option to work as a multichannel/track/staff plugin, or per single one.
  1. Writing in old styles like “Alla Breve” more easier, without additional tricking.
  • I’m aware that writing styles like are rarely used nowadays, but would be really nice if Dorico is able to handle them “natively” without any additional tricks, or tweaks…

Best regards,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:


A couple of requests:

  1. An option in Preferences so that Go To Bar can activate and place the caret at the start of that bar
  2. Instruments to be part of Navigation. So, for example, Go To would include Flow, Bar and Instrument.

a 5 and 8ve direct correction or alert tool

Playback of baroque ornaments.


There are about 30 baroque ornaments included in Bravura. This is perhaps a bit much to ask. But as a first step, it would be nice if the most common ornaments could be reproduced, such as variants of trills, mordents, turns, double cadences.


@Juerg_Loeffler I know it may be hard, but not impossible.

I am engraving BWV 988 at present, and I have the very fine Steinberg harpsichord VST, and I can’t even playback the Aria, as it is strewn with ornaments throughout. Such a pity.

I hope that something like the ornaments playback edit window I requested some years ago will someday be a real thing :wink: