Generate Notes From Chord Symbols Improvement

Hi Dorico team,
I would like to ask for a simple improvement of “Generate Notes from Chord Symbols”.
I’m aware that we are already having an “Explode” option, but actually both of them could be combined in a single feature.
Would be nice if we are having something like “Follow the chord voicing in:” where we could define our own chord voicing by entering the progressions as notation on Piano or Guitar, or Organ… staff.
This improvement will be very helpful in case one doesn’t get the desired result from the automatic chord voicing and don’t want wasting time digging the whole list of settings related to “Generate Notes from Chord Symbols”. Unfortunately the “Explode” option doesn’t have the Arranging features available in “Generate Notes from Chord Symbols”… so, instead of having two features with duplicating functions, we could have one single tool for “Generating Notes and Exploding”.

  • In case there are no any Chord Symbols, the functions should automatically work only in “Explode” mode with the arranging options.
  • When there are Chord Symbols, we should be able to decide between automatic, or “Follow the chord voicing in:”

This could be also a part of the “Orchestrator/Arranger” feature that I’m asking for in following comment of mine:

Best regards,
Thurisaz :slight_smile: