Dorico and large monitors

hi there - I just bought a large 80cm monitor to use with Dorico in a vertical setup for orchestral scores, but the image I’m getting is pretty grainy when the score is zoomed out. I see the whole score, but the resolution seems very grainy.

Is it the fault of the monitor (it wasn’t expensive) or is there something I can do to make the lines finer / clearer on the OS/software end? If I were to get a different monitor, what would I be looking to increase?


What matters is the resolution of that monitor. For 80cm, I’d be looking at a 4K monitor (3840 x 2160) as a minimum for a sharp picture.

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Aha, so it is the monitor… I feared that… Good thing that I can return it…
Is there one you’d care to recommend?

does the refresh rate matter for Dorico use?

how would this work?

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That would work ok, but be mindful that you’d have to mount it on a vesa compatible arm to use it in portrait orientation, since the stand isn’t designed to allow you to flip it vertical.

yep, that I have – thanks so much!

That’s strange - even the whole metric world uses inches to specify display sizes (an anomaly, but ture). What size monitor do you mean, in inches? What is more important to you, size or ability to rotate vertical?

Here are some with rotation capability:

One reason these tend to be under 30 inches or so is that consider the problem of rotating a 34 inch, which I use. The top would be very far from the desk and quite hard to read. Hence they are usually round the 27 inch mark.

While on this topic, allow me to recommend Dell UltraSharp series - they really are superb and at least here in Australia they have fantastic warranty backup which I have used (but keep the box!).


Cheers – OK, 32 inch (31.5 viewing area) is around 80cm. I’ve had a 24 inch monitor for decades but am presently working on orchestral scores where it feels too small for seeing the entire score. I have a reasonably unique standing desk setup where a 32 inch screen would fit ideally… Anyway, I’ve ordered the Samsung screen, let’s see what happens.

I have a Dell UltraSharp 27” and love it.


I have recently acquired a 27" Dell P2723QE and am very happy with it. As Andro says, this is about the limit for portrait mode when the stand is sitting on a desk, and I sometimes get a bit of a crick in the neck from it.

Sounds great. Yeah, I use a standing desk and I plan to crane the top of the monitor a little downwards, so I have to crane a little less - or not at all, for that matter.

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I also used the same for years and the only reason it has been retired is I moved to a 34 inch MSI Prestige monitor. But the Dell is a truly superb display - fantastic sharpness and colour rendition. A soon as I get a much bigger desk it’s coming back!

By the way- the lg dualup is for sale now. Seriously have my eye on this…


Excellent. I, too, am interested. I look forward to reading your review! :grinning:

I agree this looks interesting and, like Beechside, I would love to get input from somebody who has used it with Dorico. The ability to switch between one larger screen view and two smaller views is intriguing!

Thanks to all of you who chimed in about the 4K 32" (80cm) monitor – I got it and am enjoying immensely, seeing my whole orchestra score, triple winds in galley view… very refreshing… thank you!


How far do you sit from the monitor, out of interest?

looks like 55cm away from the screen… too close? :slight_smile:

I saw these, but the issue for me is that the DPI is too high for these to be useful ( about 136, where normal DPI at a comfortable viewing range is around 90 - 110). So you would have to scale everything up using 125% or 150% scaling to have a readable UI. I already do that with my 32 inch 4k screen (125%), so the “effective resolution” after scaling for both monitors would be:
4k 32 inch: 3072x1728
DualUp: 2048x2304

It ends up being quite a bit less overall screen real estate, unless one was very keen on having that extra bit of vertical resolution. I love that LG is branching out though.