Dorico App latest update issues

If someone from Steinberg can look at this it would be great. Following a strange issue with the chord edit window not centred on the iPad screen, so you could not reach the edit button, I reinstalled the app. Since reinstalling all of my chord diagram option have vanished, the 3 dots on the projects in the project library have gone, so I can’t rename/delete, plus I keep getting a pop up warning saying the project I’m working in has been deleted and has to be renamed and resaved. I’d be grateful to get some advise, I’m half way through transcribing/laying out the book and on screen tab for a 10 week guitar course. I can’t go any further with these bugs. Is this an update issue? When is the next update due? Or should I look for an alternative software option.

@jamie_humphries , which iPad do you use?
Does it help, if you turn your iPad to portrait mode and back to landscape?

No, the drop down of editing options has gone… there were alot more options for chord diagram editing before I reinstalled the latest version. I hope someone from steinberg can investigate and advise, very frustrating mid project. I’m using an M1 chip IPad Air 5th generation.

Sorry for the delay in replying to your thread, Jamie. I replied to your previous thread, which I’m linking to here, and I’ll close this one.