Dorico changes instrument order when I add a new single player

I’m writing pop and some songs have more instruments than others. I’m experimenting with different instrument configurations in some songs and every time I add a new player in Setup mode, Dorico changes the order of the other instruments. I know I can drag the instruments to my preferred locations, but it’s tedious to do that every time. I want Dorico to default to my preferred order on all my scores at all times whether I add or take away a player. From top to bottom, the way I like to see scores:

alto sax
tenor sax
bari sax

Any way to set Dorico up like this?

When you add players, Dorico will try to sort them according to the score order specified in Sort Players. If you right-click it and set it to None, it will stop rearranging your players and you can just add them in the order you want.



Thank you so much!!! What a relief! I’m new to Dorico, loving it so far, and a big part of that is all the help in the forums by people like you.


I wish, a default order could be set at some point in the future (for example “None”).

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Additionally, I’d really like to see the ability to add additional orders too. I created a Jazz score order a few months back, but to do so I had to repurpose the Band order, as Dorico only looks for the Orchestral and Band orders when loading. It works fine, but I’d love to be able to both specify it as default and also potentially upload additional orders to work with other more custom scenarios.