Dorico Cubase sync?

I’m on Dorico Pro 3.5 and Cubase Pro 11. I’d like to have my Cubase audio tracks playing in sync with my Dorico project. Is there a way to do this?

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No, at present there’s no sync possible between Dorico and Cubase.

Wow, thanks. Hard to believe how such a basic sync feature couldn’t make it into Dorico Pro to this point, especially considering Dorico and Cubase are the same company. It’s like 2 groups of people at Steinberg were not talking to each other from the get go. Keeping the Pro versions of both Dorico and Cubase up to date are substantial investments, so it’s disappointing.


@eboats hello,
Well, the real-time synchronization between Dorico and Cubase/Nuendo/ isn’t an easy task.
If we would like to have well working synchronization Dorico should mature in most of it’s MIDI related functions to get as close as possible to Cubase, on the other side Cubase should adopt some ideas from Dorico (Flows, the Expression Maps design)…
I also need this real-time sync between Dorico and Cubase, but don’t expect it to happen even in Dorico 4.5 <-> Cubase 12.
This integration will take a lot of time, and you need to keep in mind that both teams have to work on other important aspects of the apps, too. :slight_smile:

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Hello to all of you,
I have the same question.
I’m using Dorico 4, and Cubase 10.5 and I would love to record some audio tracks with Dorico. Is it possible that Dorico gets some audio tracks to record real audio on in the near future? Or as above was suggested, sync Dorico with Cubase so the users have the benefits of both programs. As I have never ever liked Cubase scoring, I have been waiting a lifetime for good updates, Dorico makes all the difference to me now. But I’m starting to miss the possibilities of an end production with real recorded audio tracks.


Going from Dorico to Cubase is easy and fast.
Set up all players/instruments used in the Dorico project as corresponding tracks in Cubase and load the corresponding expression maps. (To do this, you may need to create presets for the plugins edited in Dorico) This is only necessary once per project and can be automated repeatedly with templates.

Then import from Dorico as midi to Cubase in this prepared and open project and drag the midi tracks onto the instrument tracks. All CC’s and key switches and tempos are included. Ready to continue working.

I do it often. Becomes routine.

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It is also possible to sync dorico and cubase via MTC Timecode, see this thread:


At present the easiest way to do this is I think to export MIDI from your Dorico project, import that into Cubase and do all your work there. At some point they’re adding an integration.

And let’s hope that integration will be not only with Cubase but with other DAWS like Logic that people also commonly use (perhaps a much improved version of what Rewire was designed to do, etc.?)

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I have the same question. I would love to have the both apps of Steinberg to work together in sync. So: Cubase and Dorico should have been connected in the same way as Cubase and Sibelius. It is called “rewire”. Very suitable option. I have used it many times. I cannot understand why Steinberg never thought of this option. As for now, in my attempt to try and love Dorico in the future as a professional arranger, I’m very disappointed in Dorico. And even importing or attach audiofiles in Dorico is not supported.

As has been patiently explained on a number of occasions Rewire is old technology that is no longer supported and has been discontinued.

Search the forum for synchronization with TXL Timecode. @Brian_Roland had a full walkthrough on how to connect and sync Cubase and Dorico. There’s a link also a few messages up in the thread.

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So what’s your solution to the problem?

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Do you have a specific thread to this topic?
I cannot seem te find the full walkthrough

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Rewire was awesome. They didn’t discontinue it because it was old, it worked perfectly for syncing seperate apps and would be perfect in this situation. They probably discontinued it for some user hostile corporate reason. $$$

If there was a version of Cubase released with Dorico ‘folded in’, I’d buy it. Could be called ‘Cubase Score’ ( :wink: for people over 40)

Some genius guy here on the forum came up with the term “Cubico” which i thought was just amazing and gives this vibe of Cubendo!