Dorico does not consistently find Adobe Creative Cloud fonts

This has been happening for a couple of years at least. I use a lot of Adobe fonts in my work. About half the time Dorico starts a project and claims it cannot find Alegreya font, for one, when it is definitively and provably installed on my system.

Usually I can fix it by reinstalling the Adobe font (Creative Cloud subscription) but this is tedious in the extreme. Sometimes a reboot fixes it.

What would cause this, and what diagnostics are there to troubleshoot this?

Windows 10 and Windows 11 Insider Preview. Dorico 4 and 5.

Just for reference, I use several CC fonts on both Win 10 and 11 and have never had a problem with Dorico finding them. Sometimes InDesign has trouble finding them. LOL, Adobe…

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Haven’t you had trouble with this font before?

@benwiggy Come to think of it, you are right. Maybe I will try changing font. Perhaps there is something subtly wrong with it that Dorico does not like - at least on my system. I am not totally wedded to Alegreya in any case.

I looked up Alegreya and I see the family has 6 weights. When a font or paragraph style is based on another +bold, Dorico will complain if it doesn’t find a bold weight mapped that way. Check through your styles and try redefining any boldface ones with the specific weight you want via the font menu, removing the +bold attribute.

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Yes, as Mark says: if this is just the Font warning dialog, then that will flag up missing styles of the font that Dorico’s ‘cascading’ font styles are expecting.

Because Alegreya uses “Bold 700” as its style, rather than “Bold”: anything not expressly defined as “Bold 700” will flags as missing.

The Adobe and Google versions are different though. The Adobe version doesn’t use the same naming structure as Google does with the “Bold 700” naming:

With Adobe, sometimes I’ve had a problem if I hadn’t logged in for a while. It also seems to randomly deactivate fonts, even those I use daily, or switch them to the “Click here to install for non-Adobe apps” installation. Andro, I would double-check that you’ve actively logged in recently and the correct toggles are switched on.

As long as the above settings are fine, I’ve never had an issue with Dorico finding CC fonts. OTOH, Finale’s font handling with these is a mess!

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No, I am using the Adobe fonts font. I am fully activated and double checked. With my Adobe CC subscription I have never seen an option to install for non-Adobe apps. What is that about? Seems strange. I am on Windows 11, not that I imagine that makes any difference.

Also, there is no option to choose a font ‘Alegreya Bold’. Yes, it is on the system, but it presents in all apps as Alegreya, and then you select bold style. Same with italic and so on.

For some fonts I end up with a little download arrow next to them with that message, even though they are toggled on:

I assume they are simply fonts I haven’t used in a while so Adobe keeps them active and selectable for CC apps, but offloads them for other Windows apps unless I click that. Just a guess though.

EDIT: … and of course once I click “learn more” there’s an explanation, LOL.

Thanks @FredGUnn but that it not the issue. The font is active and activated.