Dorico Dotted Eighth and Sixteenth Equals Quarter/Eighth Triplet Swing Equation

I’m trying to engrave a piece where I need to show a dotted eighth and sixteenth note in notation equates to a quarter and eighth triplet figure, similar to a swing feel. Is this something that the equation notation can show? Thanks.

I think you need something like @dankreider MusGlypth for that.


MusGlyphs - Notation Central

In-built tempo equations don’t include tuplets, but you can use a 3rd-party font for that. In addition to Musglyphs, there’s also e.g. Metrico

Hello! Is it possible to make a tempo-mark like the attached file? Two eighth notes are equal a triplet guarter note + a eighth note. Br Helge Heggelund

The easiest way to do this at present is using the Metrico font, which you can download and install for free.

Or, which supports other complex metric modulations as well.

Thank you!

I think I have installed Metrico font corect, it’s listed in the fonts in word. What should I write to show the marks in the tempo popover, when I write “ee=3qe” it doesn’t appear correct.

Don’t use the tempo popover. You enter it as plain text, Shift-X.

Or System Text (Shift-Alt-X) if it applies to all players.

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It works, thanks a lot :slight_smile: