Dorico Elements 4: How to display projects in the Hub as a list, instead of icons

In the hub, I can’t find any way to display recent projects as a list, rather than icons. See attachment.

Any clues?

You can’t. It’s been requested several times.

Seems like an easy feature to implement.

And another programmer bites the dust!

(I do believe in programmers. I do believe in programmers!)

How do we escalate a request to Steinberg for a small feature enhancement?

We don’t escalate. It would be presumptuous to assume that your small enhancement is more important that someone else’s. We know the dev team reads every post here. It is their decision what is changed and when.

(On this topic I agree with you that the loss of the list layout is to be regretted)


It has taken me a while to respond to your note because this email address has been non-functional due to a problem on the host end.

Let me say that I used the word escalate in a previous thread only to mean conveying a feature request to Steinberg. I’m very familiar with the process of addressing feature requests in a coding shop, and trust me, I meant no disrespect nor did I mean to sound like a whining user with a small enhancement request.

I’m a new Dorico user having switched from Sibelius and I’m still learning the app. I’m grateful for the unusually good and friendly support from the Steinberg team and the user community.