Dorico Expression Maps & VSL VI Solo Strings I

To whom it may concern.
I few months have gone by and I keep running into roadblock.
I want to and have started to create a map for the VSL VI instrument on the title. I know VSL nor Dorico have created these maps, since I come to find out, the instrument is “old”.
So, I’m deep into this process and have questions.
I have a map with init, which has a PC to ID the Matrix Patch I chose to start with. It has a CC to ID volume control @ 64. Still not too clear for the purpose of init.
Next I have a Base type Natural with same PG as init and a cc to ID the “Y” axis of the matrix . All this so far, seems to work in terms of playing the different volume degrees from PPPPP to FFFFF.
Question: How do I get the program to chose a different level on Axis Y to play a different patch (portamento)? I’ve tried to add base as well as add-on switches, created an actual Porta. choice to put in the score, but so far nothing works. What am I missing?
I’ve read the manuals of both programs and so far nothing comes up for me to make sense of it.
Do I actually need to use a switch type, or a PG, CC, Abs., Ch., Rel. Ch.,…?
I’m stuck and so far haven’t been able to find anyone that might already have this done and willing to share.
Sorry for the winning at the beginning.
Would really appreciate help.
Thank you

I made xmaps for these solo strings a few weeks ago… Not in the studio until tomorrow evening, but i’ll try to give you a better answer then, unless others chime in…

did you miss this thread about the new Symphonic Riot Templates. I can confirm that the Solo Strings one is pretty sophisticated and the main programmer Kai may well be able to say if that specific issue is dealt with. I myself now use the Synchron version and programmed my own EM’s so unfortunately can’t help directly.


Yes, highly recommended

Init is for initialize a setting like in VSL you can activate the Vel XF which is on cc 28 (value = 127 means on).
For the maxtrix selection and the X or Y axis in VSL, you can choose what kind of control you like:
Keyswitches, cc, … Just make sure that the events in Dorico correspond to the VSL selection.
So if you choose keyswitches for your Y-axis, than you select keyswitches in Dorico to trigger.

Thanks dko22. I’ve looked into the Symphonic Riot Templates and have read that it doesn’t work for the solo string I, though it works for the whole package of instruments if you have them. So far, very weird. Maybe I’m misreading. Will try again.
patrom: OK. I get the general idea. I’m choosing to use cc so hopefully it’s more consistent than key switches, which is what I’m understanding from the reading I’ve been doing.
My challenge is how to get the EM to recognize the 3 matrices the instrument has and how to connect the playback technique in the score notation so it plays the patch I want it to perform.
So far I’ve gotten some this to work, like the different levels of velocity (PPPPP to FFFFF)
I can’t get the Y axis to work, yet. I’ve even created a play tech. for portamento (porta.), which shows up on the list of string choices, but it doesn’t actually playback the portamento patch, yet.
I’m missing something that makes that connection.
Make sense?
I’m loving the VSL sound quality and the choices it has. At the same time I’m just starting and don’t want to spend $$ on something I can’t use, which is my situation so far.
I’m starting small, and understand that the VSL’s I got are by now “old”, so I understand that support is limited.
Anyway, I really appreciate all your replies.

VSL has released Cubase expression maps for VI Solo Strings some years ago. They work together with special presets made for Cubase. I can’t see them in the MyVSL page, but you can find them here:

You can import these expression maps in Dorico, and start from them. I think they only give access to a limited set of articulations, but it should be enough to do a lot. Solo Strings is in an incredibly vast collection. My own maps don’t include everything in them, yet.


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Will try it out.
Thank you.

definitely works with VI (Pro) solo strings 1. I tried it on a Dorico conversion of a string quartet originally written with VI in Sibelius and found it probably better than my own original. The fact that I now tend in Dorico to prefer working with the Synchronized version (apart from anything else, I have the two new instruments which makes a considerably difference) and my own maps in no way invalidates the achievements of Symphonic Riot for VI users. I wouldn’t personally try the Cubase route as it takes no account whatsoever of Dorico-specific features but on the other hand, it will give you the basics about setting up the instruments. As will, I’m sure @fratveno when he returns and perhaps others.

OK. I’ll revisit this and see.
Thank you

Can you post a screenshot, because it’s not clear for me what you’re trying to do

I just went back to the Symphonic Riot site and read again the description of the EM.
It states in bold:
" Important: These Presets will only work with the Collection Standard Libraries but not with Single Instrument Standard Libraries."
So my question to you is: which EM did you get?
Is my VI Strings I considered a Single Instrument or not?
Make sense?

I took at look at the Violin Preset LEVEL 1 which consists of 3 matrices. They are selectable with KEY SWITCHES (Midi Notes 36,37 and 38 - you can type these numbers in the Dorico Expression Map, straighter than thinking octave names and numbers. Middle C is always 60.)

So, in order to select Short DETACHE (which lives at the 2nd Matrix slot 1, row 2) the expression map entry would be:
KS 37
CC 1, any value > 64
KS 24

speed controlled legato lives on the 1st matrix, so a starting point would be
KS 36
CC1, value 0

here you can elaborate using the Note Length condition parameter in Dorico Xmap…

In VIPro XF lives on CC2 and dynamics on CC11.

that’s all there is to it, really…

VSL Articulate Presets Strings S which includes Solo Strings 1

Solo Strings 1 is a collection

OK. I’ll try it. Thank you.

OK. here are 3 screenshots to try an illustrate.
SS1: It’s the matrix cel I decided to start with.
VI Pro Solo String I.pdf (489.8 KB)

SS2: This is the EM I created, which can so far recognize/choose the matrix cel row with PC0 and can choose what cel to go to,on the X axis, based on the speed of the melody note durations, using CC1.
EM for VSL VI Pro Solo String I.pdf (407.1 KB)

SS3: Is the Endpoint screen I’m using for now.
Endpoint Setup for my EM.pdf (117.6 KB)

Any ideas or more questions? :neutral_face:

Your endpoint setup is correct.
Your EM for natural is triggering PC 0 which is the first matrix.
Natural is triggering portamento, you should have a new entry ‘portamento’. (Legato should better be triggered by a legato entry and use sustain for natural)
The Y-axis is controlled by CC 1, so the legato is triggered with a value between 0 - 63,
the portamento by 64 - 127 (the middle is depending on the slider).
The X-axis is assigned by speed so if you want to control from within Dorico,
you need to change this to another controller. Than you can use the Dorico notelength to control the speed.

For volume dynamic you should use the velocity XF to make a difference between p and f playing instead of CC7.
You need to assign in VSL under ctrl map a controller to ‘Velocity XF’ (CC2 is common), you also need to turn it on:
Vel.XF on/off. You can control this also, just assign a controller, keyswitch…

CC11 can be used to make volume adjustments.

So maybe have a look at a few other EM, just to get you started…

Here is a dummy - the solo vln principle you referred to, but the samples are from the special edition. It’s only meant as an example of the mechanisms involved(!) PC is used to switch matrices, rather than KSes…
VSL-KSdummy.dorico (371.8 KB)

Hi everyone,
I’m back after a hiatus in my saga to use the VSL libraries I purchased back in November of 2020.
I’ve purchased the Symphonic Riot playback template for my VI Pro library; have done the install several times, as instructed by the creator of the template, and I’m still not able to use VSL in Dorico Pro 3.5 to score string pieces I’m composing.
Here are the roadblock I’m running into:
1-Each time I’ve done the initial install, I have to start a project before I can get to the Play menu for playback templates.
2-When opening a project I’m already working on, I have to select the template, click on “Apply & Close”, so the play techniques show up in the play technique menus (Common & Strings). I thought, once installed, all options would show up automatically, wherever they need to show up. Missing something?
3-After writing-in some notes, I can’t get them to actually play. No sounds.
4- In play mode, when selecting the Symphonic Riot playback template with “Apply & Close”, each player opens up a new VI Pro window, which would indicate it changed the instrument sample the player will use. The following selection comes up

They produce no sound at all. It seems like only the actual template is selected in VI Pro, with no instrument (violin, viola, cello, etc) What am I missing here?

Hope this all makes sense.
Thank you for your time and patience.