Dorico file crashed and wont re-open

I have an orchestral piece I was working on. It suddenly crashed. The file will not reopen again…

Other files open just fine, so I guess something went wrong in de file. Please help!

I’ve attached de dorico file and Dorico Diagnostics.

1 Nachtvogels de Musical.dorico (1.0 MB)
Dorico (880.8 KB)

I can confirm, Dorico crashes on opening your project. This is something for the team.
En ook al is het met een vervelend probleem, welkom op het forum.

dank je, Peter!

Alright, hope the team can fix the file :slight_smile:

Jelle, welcome to the forum. I’m sorry you’re encountering a crash with this project. Although I don’t think it will help in this case, please update to Dorico 3.5.12 using the updater here. In the meantime I will investigate the crash and come back to you.

Thank you so much, Daniel!

I was using Note Performer 3, in case that’s useful to know.

I updated Dorico to 3.5.12 right after my first post with the Download Assistent. I reckon there’s no difference between that and the link you posted? :slight_smile:


Thanks for confirming. I’ve sent your file to one of my colleagues and I’ll let you know what we come up with.

The problem is caused by the repeat structure in the second flow in your project, which has mismatched start and end repeats. Dorico shouldn’t crash, of course, and we will fix that problem in the next major version. In the meantime, I’ve fixed up the repeat barlines in your project and it should open in Dorico 3.5 once more:

1 Nachtvogels de Musical.dorico (1.6 MB)

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Yes! Thank you so much, Daniel! :smiley:

The same thing happened to me. Dorico won’t even open. Nothing happens when I click on the icon (Windows 10). I was having trouble getting one of the parts to play, if that helps.
Chicago Illinois - chorus tracks.dorico (563.7 KB)
Dorico 3.5 AudioEngine 64bit 2022.1.22 12.58.dmp (489.5 KB)
update: I restarted windows and both Dorico and the file were recovered. Not sure what caused the crash though.