Dorico file sharing site

IMSLP hosts recopied editions such as this.

I know, and I think it would be a good idea to put the scores there as well once they are completed, but IMSLP doesn’t appear to provide any collaboration tools, either. In the case of LilyPond source files, GitHub repositories can be linked (and that would even make collaboration possible), but that only makes sense for a non-binary file format.

It’s an interesting idea, but building the basic site is proving to be very difficult as it is, with some technical hurdles. Perhaps in the future!

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Recently, on another discussion group, there was some discussion of modernizing horn parts via eliminating the old transpositions. A retired professional orchestra librarian advised against this, saying that pro horn (and trumpet) players prefer the old transpositions, even when they change within a composition.

If you want to standardize the horn and trumpet transposition, fine and dandy. But I’d suggest making additional parts showing the original transpositions. That should be fairly easy using Dorico.

Rather than B flat trumpet, I’d vote for C trumpet.

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The modern trumpet question seems to be one of genre and location. Here in London Bb is very much expected.

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That’s a very good point, and I would never remove the old parts. That’s the beauty of Dorico, it really is very easy: once I’ve written the parts in their original transpositions, I can do the “modern” transpositions with a handful of clicks as additional layouts. @Craig_F showed me how.

I’ve seen several modern orchestral arrangements that provide several parts to choose from, for example Éditions Marc Reift, and that’s kind of what I’m aiming for here. In the case of the orchestra I’m doing this for, these are all amateurs who could transpose the parts themselves, but probably not by sightreading.

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I don’t know of a trumpet player that only owns one Horn. :slight_smile: I inherited like, maybe 10 from my Father in Law? Okay, there was only one C Trumpet as I recall, with a Baritone and a Flugal horn in there.

Sure. I meant that Bb seems to be a default for parts here, even if the player ends up playing some of it on a C instrument.

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Most beginners start with a Bb and in Germany most orchestras default to a Bb, too.
I am a trumpet player myself, I don’t own a C (easy enough to transpose). From what I learned, it’s a Europe/US thing, where US is defaulting to C (which has in my opinion a way less suited timbre for orchestra)

I write for amateur (church) orchestras in the US, and Bb is the only trumpet transposition I ever use, or see others use.

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In the US it’s C for orchestras, Bb for literally everything else including jazz, pop, commercial recording sessions, wind ensembles, marching bands, Broadway, etc.


Yes, i was talking about orchestras.

This is going to sound weird… but…

I had a dream last night that I won a golden ticket to be the first user to try Scorico.

Don’t ask me what the logo was.

On another note, I’ll be taking a break from the forum for a while :joy:


Haha, well I hate to dash your dreams, but I had a lot of problems with the site and it’ll be another two weeks until it’s up. Sorry!

Romanos, as the originator of the thread from which this thread branched, I want to say that your last two paragraphs capture exactly what I put out there as an idea; especially your last paragraph - to which I might add ‘If you want to share your files to help others, then go ahead’.
I’ll also say that I am immensely encouraged that this discussion has grown as it has. With every post it seems nearer to reality.
I can also fully understand Steinberg’s commercial reluctance to be involved but I don’t see that as any kind of inhibitor.
Thanks to everyone contributing to this thread - whether I love or hate your suggestions!

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Hey everyone, I haven’t forgotten about this! Still hard at work, getting close to launch. Thought you all might like to see a screenshot of the current design (in process):


Intermezzo Op. 119 sure is popular! :slight_smile:

Ha! Yeah the vendor upload portal isn’t quite finished yet, so there’s just one lonely score in the database at present…

This is probably because it sounds like “Clair de Lune” :wink:

Looks great already Dan