Dorico for iPad and Box

I haven’t seen posts about Box, a cloud service similar to Dropbox which my institution (University of Illinois) uses. It appears to be having similar issues.

Before the most recent update I was able to import projects to and from Box onto my iPad, but now I’m unable to use the < button at the upper left to get back to the import file dialog, create a new project, open tutorials etc.; I can only open the project I was working on previously. I’ve deleted and reinstalled Dorico a couple of times to no avail.

This is the behaviour I got from working with a Dropbox file… Maybe the problem is similar. Were you having a long error message each time you try to save or export a dorico file?

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I actually get a long error message as soon as I open the program: “Operation not permitted Error creating zip file: /var/mobile/Containers/Shared/AppGroup/A64B…” etc. etc.

The same message appears when trying to export.

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There’s another thread from yesterday or saturday, I think they’re working on it…
Other thread

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Stephen, you’re welcome to try the build we currently have testing via TestFlight, if you send me a private message including the email address you use as your Apple ID.