Dorico-for-iPad crashed

I was working in Dorico before dinner. Now it won’t open, even after hard reboot. Tried several times.

When I select the app, I get a black screen with a shadow of the Dorico “D” on the bottom left corner of screen. Then it collapses back to the Home Screen.

The file that I was working on is in Folders, so I’m comfortable that it isn’t lost.

Should I delete the App and re-download it? Or is something else better?

If you try this first backup your dorico files in another place, if you delete the app, the dorico folder it also deletes

Yes, indeed, as Martin says, if you delete the Dorico app from your iPad, it will delete any projects that you have saved inside its container on your iPad. To be sure you have saved any projects that you want to continue to work on, use the Files app, and go into On this iPad, then into the Dorico folder, and move all of the project files you want to keep into another location, e.g. into iCloud Drive. You can move files by long-pressing their icon and then choosing Move in the pop-up that appears.

Once you’re sure you’ve backed up any projects you want to keep, you can indeed then delete the Dorico app from your device, and re-download it from the App Store. That should allow it to run once more.

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Thank you so very much. You have a great teaching style. Your explanation was both clear and comprehensive.

I appreciate your quick response. Your answer is very helpful.

Martin, I truly appreciate your answer. You expressed all of the necessary elements.

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Dorico stopped working also on my ipad pro - it will always crash when opening up. Is the only way to fix this currently downloading the app again?

I’m a little bit scared to delete dorico app, since I have opened in place some very large projects from my dropbox.

Is there a way to keep the custom key commands, if re-downloading the app is necessary?

I’m curious. What caused Dorico to crash like that? I’d like to avoid it in the future.

Dorico-for-iPad re-installed. All files recovered!
Many thanks.

I have exactly the same behavior here.
Only uninstalling and installing again does the trick.
Very annoying! Since the new version.

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PS: it’s an iPad 2017 and I am using Dropbox

The big problem I see with the latest update is that all files created from the new update are stored somewhere hidden apparently in iCloud or ipad itself, then if dorico ipad begins to fail and present the error of not wanting to open, then no way to make a back up of the projects made from the new update 2.3, now I am forced to each new project made from dorico ipad to back it up by sending it to my email and from there saving it in icloud with the option “save in files” an option that no longer appears in the sharing options in dorico ipad, this is quite tedious for me. Hopefully a prompt update that solves all these problems.

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Today I managed to open the dorico ipad app by long pressing the icon and selecting one of the files that it will preview. But perhaps the app was just updated?

They are stored in files>on-my-iPad>Dorico.
Dorico just crashed for me. dSpreadbury sent instructions on exactly how to recover.

I am now saving my recent files also to a new folder in the cloud. This was an unnerving experience.

The recent projects you mention you save somewhere else in your iCloud, how do you do it? It doesn’t give me the option to save them where I choose, I have to do it by sending it to my email and save it from there.

Hello Martin,

Click in the little blue folder with plus sign on the top right of your screen. Scroll down until you see your new untitled folder. Long press on the folder itself and select rename from the list.

Hello Edna,
Can you send me Daniel’s instructions on how to recover please?

Is to back up your files and then reinstall the app

Martin, I started this thread with the topic *Dorico-for-iPad crashed. Daniel’s reply is the second post from the top. I’m such a new’bie that I didn’t know if I could copy and paste his response to anyone. Somehow I tapped the Reply arrow and it automatically posted a copy to you.

I am a pianist—new to composing, midi keyboards, scoring apps and much more. I’m also 80 years old and I live every minute of life.

I was also quite reluctant to ask questions that were both puzzling and distressing to me. I studied the help manual and watched the wonderful videos constantly. Finally, I took a deep breath and posted.

Immediately, the wonderful developers and members of this forum answered.

I learned that this is a community of music lovers—some exceeding advanced, others tiptoeing into the surf.

I believe that no one who has studied and done his or her homework first needs to be reluctant to post on this forum.

The good news is that the projects that are being saved to iCloud but are not currently visible in the Files app should automatically appear with the next update. The problem is that Dorico is currently configured such that its iCloud Documents location should be considered private, i.e. should not be listed in Files. We will change this with the next update.