Dorico instantaneous crash after migration

After I moved Dorico to my new MacBook Pro, Dorico crashes instantaneously while launching again and again.
I have activated Dorico using Steinberg Activation Manager. Then I updated SAM to no avail.
What can I do?

macOS 12.6.1
Dorico Pro
Steinberg Activation Manager
MacBook Pro 14-inch (2021)

Sorry to hear about this. Please try running the script linked in this thread:

This will produce a zip file containing useful log files that should allow us to tell what’s happening.

Thank you Daniel, glad to hear from you :blush:
Here is the report zip file. (1.8 MB)

Thanks. It looks like Dorico is crashing because it’s encountering a component that is causing it to crash, however I can’t tell which one it is from the crash logs. I’ll ask my colleagues if they can identify which one it is. Once we remove that component from your system, Dorico should run up with no problems.

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you. We can’t tell which component is causing the crash, but we suggest temporarily moving the contents of the following folders out of the way:

/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components

Then try starting Dorico again. Does it start up? If so, try replacing the items that you moved out of these folders one by one until Dorico no longer starts up again – that should allow us to isolate the problematic component.

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Thanks Daniel,

(or both) in the Steinberg Components folder seems to be the cause. Without them, Dorico looks healthy.

By the way, is there a way to “move” the plugins to somewhere except the trash (otherwise they are copied rather than moved)? Throwing all of them to trash (and then moving) is a little bit scary… :thinking:

When you drag a file or selection of files in the Finder, if you hold the Command key, Finder will delete the files from their original location once they have been copied to the new location.

I’m glad you’ve identified which components are causing the problem. You can safely leave those NI components out of the Components folder: as I understand it, they shouldn’t really be installed there (it might be an issue with NI’s installer, and I believe we’ve alerted them to it). Nevertheless Dorico shouldn’t crash if those files are found there, and we have added some code to ignore them in our forthcoming update so that users will hopefully not encounter this problem again in future.

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Thanks for the tip.
I haven’t used my NI Kontrol keyboard for some time and haven’t updated the software, and after updating them, KOMPLETE KONTROL files doesn’t harm Dorico anymore :grinning:

FWIW, KOMPLETE KONTROL AM-Series.bundle and KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series.bundle are still in the same folder.

Some time ago we had another customer with the same issue and the Komplete Kontrol bundles. We gave the customer the advice to notify Native Instruments about this issue, which apparently he did and Native fixed it, but did not change the install location, but that is okay as long as the bundles don’t crash Dorico any more.

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