Dorico iPad freezes on setup action

Just downloaded and subscribed to Dorico app.

Adding a player in setup, then attempting to click the left hand down open arrow and then the three dots to the right of player freezes Dorico, every time.

In other words, attempting to open the sub-menu to change instrument, names etc causes a freeze, and can only be unfrozen by quitting the app.

iPad 9th Gen 2021, IOS 15.1

Sorry to hear that, @Dr_Scardo. I don’t find this to be the case, but we know a few users have had this kind of problem with menus refusing to open. Although it’s far from an ideal state of affairs, if you have the option of connecting a keyboard to your iPad (e.g. via Bluetooth) then perhaps you could access the function you’re looking for via a key command?

Hmm, I do not have a bluetooth keyboard at this time. Other users having this problem - any suggestions from them as to a remedy? Brand new iPad bought mainly for Dorico so functionality faults from the start rather disappointing.

I might get a bluetooth keyboard - Going to Prefs - so as soon as I select a top level menu to open the sub-menu the on-screen keyboard pops up, which is distracting and takes up real estate. Every time a new top menu is selected the keyboard pops up. Every time I close the top level the same. It would be better if the keyboard did not pop-up until a selection was made (since it is obvious no typing will the place with the top menu selected). Or is there an iPad pref I’m missing?

Trying to find the instrument change dialogue…where might it be? I can only find “add instrument to player” not change instrument. I cannot see also how to remove an instrument from a player, and at the moment, the added player does not sound.

So I am able to change the instrument using the menu at the foot of the setup / Players panel. But, as I often use a non-vocal instrument for voices (I find the voice too weedy and not good for rhythmic interpretation) even if I name the instrument top level as Voice, the actual playing instrument (named in the box below) cannot be changed in this way. Meaning the score displays Alto Flute or whatever. Is there a way to change this elsewhere?

I’ll try deleting the app and re-installing to see if that helps. OK so I’ve done that and there’s no change to the freeze behaviour - so I’m unable to re-name using “edit names” - any suggestions gratefully received though I suppose I’ll be waiting for the next app update.

If you only need to change the playback sound for the instrument, you can do that from Play mode instead: open the Routing section of the track inspector and set a different playback sound using the lower of the two drop-downs in that section.

Ah that works, thanks @dspreadbury . That gets me out of trouble for now. I did just update to the very latest iOS 15.2 hoping that might fix the freezes but no luck. Is there an update for the app in the works?

There is an update in the works, yes, but since we have so far been unable to reproduce this problem there’s as yet no fix for this particular thing ready for release.

Thanks Daniel. The wonders of software eh - same code, identical machines, different results. I’d hate to be a programmer, that would drive me nuts!

Dear Daniel, i have exactly the same problem than @Dr_Scardo. With the same iPad 9th Gen but iOS 15.2, I wanted to switch the langage to english just to see if it would change something but no… Dorico is freezing when trying to open a sub-menu. Any suggestion? Tx for your great work! Gabriel Thibaudeau

+1 same hw, ios and problem

Unfortunately I don’t have any more suggestions at the moment, no. Sorry – we will try to sort this out in the next update if we possibly can.

Not sure we can be more helpful with reproducing the issue.

One thing I have noticed tho, when the app is frozen, if i swipe to another app and back and generate a few ui events, it will eventually start responding. Just the dialog is never visible. Could it be somewhere in the background? Because I have seen some modal dialogs not opening but then appear on app switch. Sadly after switch the dialog is there, but not responsive.

Yes, the app isn’t really frozen. It’s just unable to show the pop-up menu. In my experience, as I’ve said before, if the menu doesn’t appear on the first tap, you can tap on the background of the dialog (which nominally closes the menu again), then tap the menu a second time, and this time it opens. But this doesn’t seem to bear out for everybody.